Kiss you

A girl goes to a camp that she has been saving up for ages. The year she goes she meets five famous boys that fall in love with her but she doesnt like them back BUT then she falls in love with all of them at once. Who will she choose.


4. Room tidying

Lauren's POV

I ran around my room picking up things and putting it on my bed. I stopped for a breath after about 20 minuets of picking up things, I looked around the room to see not one thing on the floor. I looked behind me too see well nothing but I pile off things that I had forgotten I had! I couldn't even see my bed. I picked up a few things and looked at them and mumbled "useless paper from ages ago!" I chucked it into a bin bag.
(1 hour later)
It had been a hour and had just a pile of washing to put away. I picked it up and then thought here are some clothes with pockets. I picked up a pair of jeans and looked in the pockets. There was nothing so I carried on looking in the pockets.
I had gone through all off the pockets and counting all the money I had found £26 29p and a few useless receipts. So now I need £73 more pounds. Gosh how am I going to make that! I polished and hoovered my room. Then I moved onto the upstairs hallway. Then the downstairs hallway. Then the living room, the kitchen and all the other rooms. I was finally done. I shown my mum and she was please with everything. So she gave me £50. S know I have £23 to go. But luckily I have to babysit for a few hours tomorrow so I am going to bed know because I have had a busy day. 3 more days till entry. Night!
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