Kiss you

A girl goes to a camp that she has been saving up for ages. The year she goes she meets five famous boys that fall in love with her but she doesnt like them back BUT then she falls in love with all of them at once. Who will she choose.


7. On our way

Emily's POV

i honestly did not think that Lauren would go but I am so glad she can, I mean it is her dream to go to this place.  I hope that there is some cute boys but they will probably be Gay. Actually I don't know why I said that forget that! Anyway I wonder who the celebrity would be, is it justin bieber? Is it I wonder who?


Laurens POV :

It took me ages to pack literally. I didn't know what I needed. We where on the coach waiting to go. I looked around to see a bunch of people stretching there leg up on the seat in front, resting there heads on there knee. I thought to myself how do they do that? I felt something ruffling my hair. I thought it was someone's foot whilst they where stretching. I turned my head to see young boy and girl kissing. But when I say kissing I don't mean kissing. More like chewing each other. Now your probably wondering what the thing was ruffling my hair, well it was his finger tips as he wrested his wrist on my seat. I looked at Emily and we both laughed. As soon as we set off everyone cheered and stamped there feet. Emily joined in whilst I just let out a little giggle and looked out the window. I guess I think I am too cool for these things. Not.  

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