Kiss you

A girl goes to a camp that she has been saving up for ages. The year she goes she meets five famous boys that fall in love with her but she doesnt like them back BUT then she falls in love with all of them at once. Who will she choose.


2. Nan and grandad

Lauren's POV

"NAN! GRANDAD!" Shouted me and my brothers and sisters. They all ran over hovering around them waiting for there pocket money, but u decided to walk over, hug them, then stand back not to make it obvious that I want some money. My grandad pulled out his black leather wallet and gave them all £10 each. But for some reason he gave me £10 then stuffed another in my pocket and whispered "that's for not wanting much, don't tell the others!" He hugged me after. Wow I love my nan and grandad. I ran upstairs to out it away and count up all my money to see if I had enough (I needed £800) I quickly counted them up with a calculator. "Aaaawww £93 more too go and the entry's are in 3 days. I sat there thinking how to earn more money when my phone flashed. "A text! Who will it be off?" I wondered out loud. I picked up the phone and read who it is off! "It's off Emily!" I mumbled as I opened the text. It read 'aaaahhhh I have enough money for dance stars!' (Dance stars is the dance holiday) I huffed then thought what am gonna do. I text back 'ok erm I need £93 then I have enough? What am I going to do?' As I text I say it out loud. But just as I said it my nan walked past to go to the bathroom. She walked in then sat on my bed.she looked me in the eye and said "you need 93 more pound eh! Look her is £50, look as it as part of your early birthday present!" She took £50 out of her pocket and passed it to me smiling. I hugged her and thanked her over and over again! She laughed then walked off. I was so happy!!!!
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