Kiss you

A girl goes to a camp that she has been saving up for ages. The year she goes she meets five famous boys that fall in love with her but she doesnt like them back BUT then she falls in love with all of them at once. Who will she choose.


5. Baby sitting

Lauren's POV

Right I have to babysit all of my younger brothers and sisters. Wish me luck. I have 5 annoying kids to luck after. I mean 1 of my younger brothers are kind and my 2 little sisters are nice but my 2 other younger brothers are very, very, very annoying. I got ready and ran down stairs. I sat with my mum and asked hair "how long am I looking after them for and for how much?" She looked at me and stopped what she was doing to think. " 3 hours and £5 for each child! So all together £25!" Said my mum. I agreed. She grabbed hair bag and went out with my dad. Everyone was still asleep except my older brother who had went for a football match! I grabbed all the cereals and put it on the table along with the milk. The turned 9 and the upper part of the house filled up with a mixture of alarms then noisy little people running down the stairs. Well this is gonna be tough.
I was sitting feeding 3 year old brother bobby with my 2 twin sisters poppy and Lilly and are 6 and they always argue. They where doing my hair in bobbles and pulling it all over the place. And my 2 brothers who are 10 and 12 kicking the ball around. I have a banging headache. My mum was to be back in 2 hours and the house was a mess. I have tried to ask everyone to tidy things up but the response I get is "shut your moaning and do it yourself!" Or "we aren't Cinderella!" It is so annoying. S I have decided to play a game. Treasure hunt. I got them all to pick everything up. But not put it away. So I will think of a new game.
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