mean girl vs me.

Ally is the mean and pretty girl in the school. she thinks shes better then everyone else. So when Judy challanges her to a compition, thinks are about to get dirty.


1. Meet me.

Hi im Judy, Judy Thomson, year eight.

And i live with my crazy family.

my mum is obsessed with cleaning and my dead wont let anyone touch his war firgunes. he is like a kid. then theres my 6 brothers and sisters. im the eldest and they want to play with me ALL the time.

My friend Jessica, meets me at the school gate. she is really smart and studies ALOT.

she looked upset. whats wrong Jess? I asked her. she just looks down quietly, and hands me a peice of paper.

she got a B plus on her report for math.

thats great Jessica! i said.

but she kept being upset.

i handed her back the peice of paper.

you never get bs do you? i ask her.

nope. said Jessica.

You should be proud of yourself. i told her and gave her a gentle pat on the back. you study hard.

thanks judy. said Jessica.

the bell rang and it was time for class.

I checked my locker getting my books like everyone else before class. but i relised they werent there. they were lost. i ended up going late of class, and i had dention. i saw mean girl Ally smiling with a smirk.

i shouldve known. i dont understand how popular she is. i wasnt going to tell on Ally.this is the 15th time shes bullied me and other gonna make her stop.

after class i was like. hey Ally i challange you to a compition. if i win you stop bullying kids forever, and if i lose you can bully kids as much as you like, PLUS a free makeup bag.

seems pretty good to me. said Ally. what do we have to do?

i looked at her blonde curls. her expensive dress. WALAH! i had an idea.



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