1D Imagines

Please comment your name, your boy, the rating (PG, 12 or 15)- I'm British, but you can kinda guess what the ratings mean, they're just ages :) and please tell me the length of it. And if you like, the storyline as well. I will do every one.


3. For Sandra

You scream and frantically wave your "One Direction are perfection" and " Take Me Home, Niall" double sided banner towards the stage. Rock me ends and everyone screams. Niall puts his finger to his lips and signals everyone to be quiet. "Can I just say?" He calls to the crowd. "How beautiful you girls look tonight!" Everyone screams. "I thought that was Harry's line?" Your best friend, Jade shouts to you. You laugh. "Who wants to join us on stage?" Liam shouts and everyone screams again. You sigh, you don't have any voice left to scream anymore. Zayn picks a slutty girl with a tight dress. Louis picks a girl wearing red chinos, blue stripped top and braces. Harry picks a little girl who must have been about seven. Awh she was adorable! Only Niall and Liam left. You scream like crazy, this is your one chance at meeting your dream guy. Liam points to Jade and she screams and runs up to security. The tears roll down your face. You were always second best to Jade. She always had the best birthday presents, the most money when you went shopping, the longest legs, the fittest boyfriends and you were just tired of it. You turn to walk out of the venue but you feel heat on your back and so turn around. The spotlight is shining down on you and Niall is calling you to the stage. You run to the security guard and he smiles at you and takes you through to the stage wings. " You have beautiful hair." Niall whispers as he stares into your eyes. The music starts for More Than This and the boys start singing. Niall doesn't break his gaze even once. And at the end he dips his head to kiss your cheek. "Stay at the wings for the rest of the show and then come to my dressing room." Niall winks and smiles at you. You blush and go to the edge of the stage. -At the end of the show- "So, why did you keep me back?" You ask Niall. "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met, Sandra." He whispers and kisses you passionately. You really like Niall but aren't for doing things with people you've just met so as he starts to undress you tell him you don't want to have sex until you are an official couple and have been together for a while. He understands and you continue to kiss in his dressing room. Hope you enjoy this, Sandra!
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