1D Imagines

Please comment your name, your boy, the rating (PG, 12 or 15)- I'm British, but you can kinda guess what the ratings mean, they're just ages :) and please tell me the length of it. And if you like, the storyline as well. I will do every one.


2. For Jess

"Come onn!" You moan as your boyfriend, Niall, pours the champagne. You lie on the scattered roses all over your king sized bed.
"One minute, babe." He says. He hands you your champagne and dims the light. Then he leaps onto the bed and rolls on top of you. You unbutton his shirt and pull it off. He rips the dress off you and as he throws it to the floor you hear some of the stitches break. You both giggle and work on his trousers. You begin to kiss in just underwear. He undoes your bra and takes it off. Then you take off his boxers and he takes off your pants. You kiss for a minute and then he thrusts inside you. Your bodies move together in perfect synchronisation.

-A few weeks later-
A feeling of nausea washes over you, you run to the bathroom and just make it in time. You sit on the bathroom floor and wipe the sweat off your forehead. This has happened a lot lately, when you eat bad meat it doesn't make you sick for two weeks does it? Then your mind goes back to that night with Niall. Shit. No!
"Babe, I'm going out." You call to Niall and give him a quick peck on the lips. You grab your bag and run down to the local pharmacy. When you arrive you try to act casual and look at the make up and then to the pregnancy tests. You grab a few and walk to the counter.
"Omg! You're Niall Horan's girlfriend, Jess! Aren't you? Ohh he's knocked you up has he?"
"Er, no, you must have confused me with someone else." You quickly reply.
You pay the lady and and walk out of the pharmacy. You walk home and lock yourself in the bathroom. Number one-positive. Number two-positive. Number three-positive. You have enough comfirmation and you slowly walk out of the bathroom.
"Niall, I'm pregnant." You tell him.
"Impossible" he whispers and puts down his guitar.
"No it's true." And you wave the three tests at him.
"Eurgh. No. No! NO!" He shouts.
"I didn't mean for this to happen!"
"I go on tour for 18 months next week."
"We can come with you!"
Niall begins to laugh. "A baby on tour? Don't be stupid, Jess."
"Lux managed fine." You begin to cry.
"Lux's situation was different."
"What, one of your staff's baby is allowed on tour but not your own? I'm supposed to be coming on tour anyway."
"I just can't deal with this. We can't have a baby." He shouts and walks to the door. "I'm going to Liam's." he slams the door and you throw a pillow at the door after him.

-Eight months later.-

You lie in a hospital bed, looking down at your newborn daughter Hollie. You smile at her tiny face. She already has thick tufts of hair sticking up in all directions. You decided she doesn't need a daddy. You haven't even spoken to Niall since the last argument, but you never even broke up. He is almost half way through his tour and although you miss him like crazy you stay in denial and decide that it's his loss.

Over the next few weeks you watch Hollie grow, she learns to smile and laugh and sit up with cushions. One day you sit Hollie up with no cushions and instead of toppling over she stays upright with perfect balance. You shriek and clap your hands and Hollie laughs with you. You pick her up and spin her round, but you stop when the door bell rings. You hitch Hollie onto your hip and answer the door.
"Niall." You say. With no words, Niall leans in and kisses you with such passion that all of your anger against him disappears. "Your tour." Is all you can say.
"I left One Direction. I missed you so much. I left because you and Hollie are all that matter to me right now." He smiles and you kiss again.

I hope you like it :)
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