Lake & Gary

The two most different people in the world meet in a messy London estate. Starting off completely hating each other, end up head over heels in love. Worst thing is, the one of them is manages to get pregnant...


1. How We Met.

Lake POV 

Cruising around on my old bike was the thing I did after school. Every time I went out, I made sure my hood was up, and my guard was up. My hard exterior means I can often intimidate  people, like bullying, but I often don't mean it. I said often.

I sigh as I apply my thick eyeliner, and rim my dark blue eyes with kohl. I go to Greenhill secondary, on the edge of my the council. Most of us are on in the south of the block, where I live. One or two live in the North block, or as I call it, Poshville.

Gary POV

As I make my way out of the rough, school, some of the class 8 bullies start attacking me. "Posh boy, posh boy!" They jeer and laugh. Pulling at my blazer, I walk out the gates, not letting the tears fall.

"Dad? Are you home?" I called as I enter our new flat.

"I'm in the living room!" He shouted.

"OK" I call, then walk around the boxes to the small sitting room.

"So how did your day go then son?"

"Fine." I mumble. "I gotta get my do some homework." I saunter to my room, wishing we never moved to this place.

I grab my books out of my bag and place them on my table. Two English homeworks, one math, one art and two history, I sigh, counting.

I start with my comprehension, I was the top of the class at my old school, now I'm just a nobody. Dad said this might be a fresh start, for both of us, since mum died.

Ugh, this was boring. Let's go out, I thought. No, too many hazards. But then again, I wanted to break free, from this goody too shoes persona.

I slip out of my school uniform, and into something more comfy. I creep out of my room, dad's fallen asleep on the sofa, I silently went out of the door,

"Hey, wimp." Growled Austin, the leader of the bullies as soon as I get to the park. Before I said a word, he grabbed me by the shoulders and his mates stood on me. "Help!" I screamed.

Lake POV

Hearing screams from the park was normal, probably caused by Austin, my boyfriend. We were like the Romeo and Juliet. No, bad example, they both die at the end, don't they? Bored, I decided to ride to where the screams were coming from.

 "BREAK IT UP, GUYS!" I yell over the noise. They all look up, one of them even raised a fist, wanting to punch me, but Austin dragged him back by the shoulders.

"Don't punch a girl, especially if she's my girlfriend." He hissed to him. Austin gently kissed me, then he lead the group over to the other side of the park.

"Are you OK?" I whispered gently to the guy laying on the floor, he had flood over his face, and bruises over his arms. He didn't reply. My hand reached out to touch his soft cheek, checking for warmth. I breathed a sigh of relief, he had a pulse.

I picked him up, then put him on the back of my bicycle. I open my front door, and lay him on my bed.

Gary POV

Where was I? The room was a plain, small, white room, but at least it was warm.

"So, you're awake?" Said a voice from a corner.

"Errr... yeah, who are you?" I said, rubbing my eyes.

"That's not important right now."

"Than what is?"

"Who are YOU?"

"Gary Walsh."

"Gary Walsh, the one in class 8?"

"Yeah, that's me, who are you?"

"Lake Rose."

"We're in the same class, can't believe I've never noticed you."

"I should be the one saying that mate."


"Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to disturb my dad."

"Stay here tonight then"

"Oh no... I couldn't..."

"So you'll be staying here then."She said firmly, then gets up.

"Uhh, sure." I said. She wasn't my usual type, I admit. What am I thinking?! I have a girlfriend, Holly. But we don't see each other much since I left, but we still text. I think she has a boyfriend, possibly one of those guys who beat me up.

"Hey, here are some clothes." She said, throwing a bunch of clothes on my the bed. "Woah, don't move, you're probably in pain." She gently pushed me back on the bed, "Do you want me to help you getting dressed?"

"Sure..." I said, then she bent down to unbutton my shirt. She didn't look at all awkward, while she helped. "There, all done."


"I'll go and make dinner then."

Lake POV

Tired, I walked to the kitchen, and began to make cheese and ham sandwiches. I bring it   to his room, "Is this all you eat?"

"Of course." I said, sitting down, eating a sandwich.

"OK."He mumbled and took a bite out of the sandwich.

"Suppose you want to get to sleep now?" I said, finishing my sandwich. He nodded.

"Sure." I switched off the light and shut the door. I took a blanket, and a cushion on the sofa and fell asleep, could I be falling in love with him already?

A/N Guys I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, check out my other movellas, The Day I Met You or Run, if I don't update on this, chances are I've updated on one of those. Thanks, Cazza xxx

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