Never Again

Kassadie is an avarage girl. A fun loving girl with a serious appitite. Her mother and father are constantly traveling, so she lives with her cousin Mick. Being a drummer, his dream is to become a famous drummer in a band. He always puts Kassadie first though, so he misses alot of chances. Untill today, Mick gets a call from one of the worlds most famous boy bands, better known as one direction. And Kassadie, being a fan of one direction herself, tells mick to take this chance before is gone. And before she knows it, she'st touring the world with his group of seriously silly boys. (and she even meets someone) His name, is Niall Horan. But when one of the boys starts to get jealous of thier relationship, will tables turn?????


1. New Life

 Kassadie's POV

I wake up on a foggy saturday morning to my cousin screaming.  I jump out of bed, and run down stairs to be greeted by my cousin, Mick, with a cheeky smile on his face, literally bursting with excitment. "WHAT!!! MICK WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!" I say, concerned he might explode. "I got a email from some boy band's manager asking if I wanted to be their drummer and tour with them!!!!" he says, " I havn't gotten a job offer in close to 4 years, considering last time I was offered a job, I had to deny it because you were too sick, and I had to be there for you." he says looking down. Tears form in my eyes. I start to remember when I had cancer. I was 14, and i had a tumor. Luckily, doctors found it in time, and i'm doing okay now. Just thinking of it though was enough to make me burst out in tears. I tried to stay strong, but i couldnt help it,   and eventually caved in. My cousin felt bad and gave me a big hug. " Kassie, im sorry...... i got caught up in the moment... I didn't mean---" I cut him off. " I just hate to hurt you. I know how important that was to you and I rueined it for you.  You were so hurt! it was so important---" he cut me off " Kassie, nothing in the world could be more important to me then you." says Mick. God I loved my cousin. He was just so loving and forgiving. I  am so lucky I have him.  My parents are constantly traveling, and i doubt they even care about me anymore. But it honestly doesnt bother me. I decide to change the topic. " But on a happier note, which band was it??" i say, curiously. " Umm...... Some band called one detection." I was confused. "You mean one direction??" i say hoping his answer would be yes. "Oh yeah. That." he replies like he should've known that. My Face turns red, my hands sweaty.... and i see my cousin plug his ears before I scream my head off , rattling the walls and then shortly after, fainting.  I wake up and my cousin is laughing at me hystericaly. " MICK!!! THIS IS NOTHING TO BE LAUGHING ABOUT!!! THIS IS ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!!!! THE GREATEST BOY BAND OF ALL TIME!!!! DO YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!??????" i say screaming my head off. " I know that you are completley mad about them!! If thats what you're asking." says Mick. "Who isn't?" I say. " Did you Respond to thier manager?" "Yes I did, we're leaving tomorrow morning." he says "We're!!!" i say bursting with joy. " Yes Kassadie, we're. As in both of us." Mick says.  And before i knew it. My new life had begun.

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