Never Again

Kassadie is an avarage girl. A fun loving girl with a serious appitite. Her mother and father are constantly traveling, so she lives with her cousin Mick. Being a drummer, his dream is to become a famous drummer in a band. He always puts Kassadie first though, so he misses alot of chances. Untill today, Mick gets a call from one of the worlds most famous boy bands, better known as one direction. And Kassadie, being a fan of one direction herself, tells mick to take this chance before is gone. And before she knows it, she'st touring the world with his group of seriously silly boys. (and she even meets someone) His name, is Niall Horan. But when one of the boys starts to get jealous of thier relationship, will tables turn?????


3. Blew me away

Niall's POV

Right when she walked in she blew me away. Her long flowing blond hair, green eyes, and a smile that made me just melt the first second I saw it. She was beautiful, and I couldnt take my eyes off of her. "Hi, I'm Kassadie, my brother is your guys' new drummer."  "Hi I'm Niall!!!" I say, still staring. "dude take a picture it'll last longer", Lou screams. My cheeks went dark red. "This is Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry." i said pointing to each off them. I hope that made things a little less awkward. "Oh, trust me I know who you are!" she says bursting with exitment. Great, I Fancy a crazed fan. Well, this'll be interesting. "So are you excited to tour with us?" Liam asks. "Am I ever!!!" she replies. My phone rang. I picked it up. "Hello?.....Oh Hey Paul.......oh ok.......what about Mick's little cousin???.......oh....sure.....ok. Bye Paul." "What was that about??" harry asks. "we have to get on the tour bus. Oh and Kassadie can Choose which bus she wants to go on. She can come with us and the girls or Mick and the band......" I said  "So Kassadie its up to you..... El Dani and Perrie would be with us too. And I'm guessing you know who they are......" I finish, "Umm.... do you mindif I go ask Mick???"she questions. "sure, just let us know in the next five minutes" liam replies. "Okie Dokie!!!" she says while running out the door.


hey guys!!! sorry I havnt updated sense november!!! Ive been incredibly busy. Got tons of chapters comin up. THanks for the couple reads..... hoping that this fanfic will turn out good....... ok!!! Keep on Readin! Luv ya! Bye!!!

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