Never Again

Kassadie is an avarage girl. A fun loving girl with a serious appitite. Her mother and father are constantly traveling, so she lives with her cousin Mick. Being a drummer, his dream is to become a famous drummer in a band. He always puts Kassadie first though, so he misses alot of chances. Untill today, Mick gets a call from one of the worlds most famous boy bands, better known as one direction. And Kassadie, being a fan of one direction herself, tells mick to take this chance before is gone. And before she knows it, she'st touring the world with his group of seriously silly boys. (and she even meets someone) His name, is Niall Horan. But when one of the boys starts to get jealous of thier relationship, will tables turn?????


2. As I Walked In

Kassadie's POV

My alarm clock goes off. ugh.... its 2 in the morning. Why so early?!?! But its ok because i am meeting one direction today. I grab a tank and some swetts, get dressed, and go downstairs. Mick's already there, making toast. "That's all your eating?" i ask. "Yes, because im not a little piggy like some people in this room are.*cough *cough." he says with sarcasam. I cant help it if I get hungry! Im a growing girl, and growing girls need their food!!!  It's always been one of my bad habits.... but its ok because for some strange reason i never add on weight. Hmm.........whatever. "Well im having a big breakfast today...... considering todays a big day." I'm so happy!!! I Cant wait!!!

Later, after landing, Mick and I decided to grab some grub. We found this cute little tea shop. I got a cupcake and some tea, somewhat full from my big breakfast. Mick got a donut, and we were on our way.  I wondered how they would respond when they met me. What if they hated me?? Kassadie! Stop letting yourself down!!! i mentally yelled at myself. I'll Just have to wait and see......

When we arrived, My heart started pounding at 100 MPH.! We walked in the door and heard plates being broken and screaming and laughing. They were definetly here. While Mick was meeting with their manager i decided to go find them. And as i walked in the room got quiet. My heart exploded. I died. There they were. Staring at me..... Kassadie Pears..... "Hi." I said with the most pollite attitude i ould posssibly have. "I'm Kassadie, My brother is your guys' new drummer."



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