Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


2. Our second encounter...

Hey guys, Kate is back! I'm just swinging on the swing set in the old park. I love the old park. It is my favorite place to go. It is the best place to think, to read, to cry, to relax, or just to talk to someone in private. Since it is deserted it hardly ever gets anyone in, only the odd couple of druggies and drunk 19 year old lads, and maybe a couple of teenage girls swigging from a lager can. But that's only on rare occasions.

   So, since my last encounter with the faery, I have seen her once more. It was here, in the old park. I was swinging on the same swing I am on now, when I heard tiny sounds coming from behind me. it was more like tiny laughter. I turned around and saw the same old blue light that had helped me on the night that I nearly got burned. 

   OMG, this next part i couldn't believe! the blue light came towards my ear and whispered ' Hello, Kate, I am Fawnar, the blue light that helped you on that dark, dark night. I have came back to you,Kate. I have talk about you to some of my friends. We are part of a humans right comity, and we are trying to get us faeries to stop being so mean to you humans. We have brought a friendship gift. For you, Kate.'' Fawnar then presented me with a blue silk box, and as i opened it i saw a bracelet made up of shells and pebbles and tiny glass bottles filled with water and sand. i awed at this wonderful creation when Fawnar whistled. A bush shook, then out burst 5 tiny blue faeries. 

''So this is a human teenage girl?'' asked an old man faery.

''She has strange hands'' giggled a young girl faery with a lisp.

''We will protect you with our life, Kate, and you will be safe as possible until the worst comes and the darkest faeries defeat us.'' ,she said, as the other 5 stood behind her, ''Won't we, guys?''


  Wow, i cant believe i had these mythical creatures taking care of me! Oh, how i love my life!

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