Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


6. Let's go, quick!

I'm here again, in the old park, waiting for Fawnar to come. She has actually just turned up, holding what looks like a blue and black light, glittering as the sun hits it. She seems really nervous, and quite quiet, when she calls for her friend. She is a lot more jumpy than usual.

''You OK Fawnar? You seem very jumpy today.''

''Can you keep a secret Kate?''

''Yeah, sure. What is it?''

''I kinda' stole it. This is the Dark Orb, the greatest power in all of faery magic. It is used by King Narva, the most darkest and evil faery of them all! I stole it as it is the only power in the world that can actually move someone over the seas with no trouble. It belongs in the Dark Castle in Transylvania, But i'm sure they wont miss it for one or two days...''

As she said this, a voice boomed ''WHO HAS STOLEN THE DARK ORB!?!?!?!?''

''Quick, let's go, into her! Move it!'' 

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