Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


5. I need a wish, just one...

I can't survive without Jack. I'm going to do it. 

 '' Hey, Kate, you feeling better after yesterday?'' I turn around. It is Fawnar. 

''Yeah, I'm OK. Fawnar, can you grant wishes?''

''To an extent. Why?''

''I need to talk to Jack.''

''Honey, I'm so sorry, but don't be too sad if it isn't possible to wish for you to go to Brazil. There is the crossing to think of, as well as all your luggage, then there is your ma...''

I interrupted her there. ''Mam won't be coming, and I don't need luggage, I just need you to come, so i can wish myself back here! Please try, Fawnar, I would be the happiest girl alive!"

''I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try...''

''Aw, thank you Fawnar!'' I held her tiny fragile body in the palm of my hand and spun around. She giggled A LOT!  

''Wow, calm down Kate! I will grant it tomorrow, when i have my strength back from that spin!''

''Thank you Fawnar! Thank you!'' I shouted as she flew away.

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