Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


4. Goodbye...

Hey again guys, Kate here,

So I explained to my mam what was wrong, and she burst out in tears too, holding pictures of her auntie and her brother close to her chest. For once she wasn't the strong and tough mam that I knew. She had surely shrunk down to a child not much older than me. i was crying my eyes out too, but not as much as her. I felt like a million shadows had just exploded onto my heart and covered it in darkness. It was horrible.

  From then on, I locked myself in my small room. It was horrible, since Jack had moved away to Brazil. But he wrote to me lots and sent me  pictures. I love Jack with all my heart and i so want him to come back to me, but i have to wait for 6 months till I see him again. 

  I decided to go to the park one day, you know, just to get things outta my head, when i heard that same laughter. It was Fawnar.

''Hey Fawnar'' I smiled.

''Ok, Kate, what is wrong?''  Wow, she knew i was sad!

'' Nothing'' I replied

'' It is something!''

I gave up on trying to avoid it. 

'' I used to not wear makeup. I used to not straighten my hair. I used to not care what people thought of me. I used to not care if I didn't have a boyfriend. I used to think boys were gross. I used to love school. I used to be happy. What happened?''

But i know what happened. Jack moved, and people died. Goodbyes were the worst. I hate having to say goodbye. That's why i left without saying it.

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