Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


3. From better to worse...

Hi people, Kate, here again. I am so happy at the moment! Ever since the faery thing, things have just got so much better! I have just got a new boyfriend, my mam has just got a raise at her job and dad has just been released on leave from the army! WooHoo! 

  I am hanging out with my new boyfriend now. His name is Jack. And he is so cute. And hot. And he gives the best hugs! I'll be back in 5 minuets, got to go for a minuet.

Well, I'm back again, and I have lost my good mood. I feel like I'm going to cry. It is because of a number of things. The first thing is that my great auntie died just 30 minuets ago. The second thing is my cousins girlfriend has just had a miscarriage. The third thing is jack is moving to Brazil for 6 months. the last thing is my uncle was in New York, and he has just been killed by hurricane sandy. I'm not in the best of moods. i could really do with a good cry, but I'm not going to get tears all over my page. This might be a very small diary entry, because i just want to go and crawl into a corner. Jack is the only thing that is keeping me sane. Me and him are now snuggled up on the sofa, his arm around my shoulders, my head nestled on his chest, waiting for mam to come home so i can tell her all the bad news. Jack sees that I'm about to cry and so he is kissing my forehead lightly while we share a McDonald's chocolate milkshake. Mam's car has pulled up and she comes in. I run up to the door and smother her with hugs. She can sense that i am sad.

''Whats up Kate?'' 

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