Hi, i'm Kate I don't believe in fairies. I believe in Faeries.

Read Kate's short story on what Faeries are, and the day she meets one! Suitable for ages 12+.


1. Electric blue light coming towards me...


Hi, i'm Kate.I don’t believe in fairies. I believe in faeries. Little imps ruining forests. Rowdy leprechauns stealing children. None of those prissy dresses, no no.  Why does everyone think of pink and glitter when I say faeries? They think I mean the new-fangled prissy, little girly fairies who float around on glittery pink and lilac wings. No no! I mean the old fashioned faeries that glide through the air on gossamer wings, electric blue and dark purple lights in the dark night sky. They leave a trail of trouble where ever they go. They make bad things happen to good people.

     They live in tree trunks and come out at night, looking for a brand new victim. They will creep up to your ear and whisper, “hush, hush, earthling…” over and over again. They will grab you by your ear and pull you through the air to their tree trunks. They will drop you into the flame of their fire and dance around as your soul goes up in flames. You will try to scream, but it will be no use because you voice would have been taken away by the ghostly creatures.

      But how do you tell the difference between faeries and fairies? Well, it is simple, really. Simply look at them. Just look. Keep looking. A faery has dark purple or electric blue body with 6 hands, 3 on either side. A fairy, on the other hand, is basically a mini human, with peachy skin and pink or lilac nails, but they are only girl fairies, unlike faeries which are both girls and boys. A faery boy wears black pants with no top, and a girl faery wears a black jumpsuit, while a fairy would, (if they’re real) wear a lilac or pink dress.

    As I said before, I don’t believe in fairies. They are mythical creatures. But faeries have got to be real.  I have met one!

    It was on my birthday. I went out to play on my new trampoline (it replaced my old one) and suddenly, the sun disappeared. The lights went off.  Electric blue and dark purple lights flew past my face with such force that I fell over. I regained my strength and looked around me, silenced by my fear.  Something whispered in my ear, “hush, hush, earthling…”over and over again. I felt 6 tiny hands pulling on my ear. I was floating towards the tree! But then I fell with a thud. As I looked up I saw a dark purple light fighting with an electric blue light. The electric blue light knocked the dark purple light acres away. Oh no, the blue light was coming towards me! I screamed, but the light didn’t whisper in my ear. It didn’t pull my ear. It started walking around my trampoline. It had one of its hands on its head, shaking all over. I went over to it and looked at it. It looked back at me. We both smiled. I was friends with a faery.

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