President For A Day

I saw this Competition and thought my imagination and feelings could really run wild with this one.
I have thought about if I were president how things would change. This question has always run through my mind. Now with this competition I can put my thoughts through.
Some of my ideas are quite wild and whacky, where as others are very serious. I have many ideas, and all I can think of straight off my head will be in this Movella.

Please can you like, and comment, maybe add to your favourites as I really think I could have a chance with this. If anyone doing another competition or this on wants me to read there's then let me know. I'm happy to help. Good luck to anyone else doing this competition. xxxx <3


6. So Now You Know...

So now you know what I'd do if I were President. It's a bit to much to do in a single day. But I thought I'd tell you everything I'd like to change. You can really get to know a person by knowing what they'd do if they were president.

You can see by what I want to change that I:

*Love Animals

*Hate War & Suffering (friendly, lover not a fighter)

*Want To Help Poor People (Caring)

*Want To Know Things (Curious)

*Prevent Bullying & Racism (Understanding)

Doing the 'President For A Day' really helped me understand who I really am. It will also let you as the reader understand who I am. I enjoyed doing this and am enjoying reading other peoples entrants. It really has helped me understand other peoples beliefs and how they feel.

I hope you like mine, don't forget to comment and like :) If you liked it that is :D

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