President For A Day

I saw this Competition and thought my imagination and feelings could really run wild with this one.
I have thought about if I were president how things would change. This question has always run through my mind. Now with this competition I can put my thoughts through.
Some of my ideas are quite wild and whacky, where as others are very serious. I have many ideas, and all I can think of straight off my head will be in this Movella.

Please can you like, and comment, maybe add to your favourites as I really think I could have a chance with this. If anyone doing another competition or this on wants me to read there's then let me know. I'm happy to help. Good luck to anyone else doing this competition. xxxx <3


2. Simple Changes

If I were President for a day I would start with a few simple things. I would do Extreme changes later after I've settled in and set down a few Laws. I would add my face to the money. I would do this because I have always seen the Queens face on the United Kingdom's money and have wondered what it would be like with my face rather than hers. I would add posters around town saying 'Jess, President for day. Choose Jess for President!' I would get some people to follow out my orders. People sought of like servants, accept they get a say in what they do. Because I don't like to boss people around and it would be like slavery if they had no say and did everything I told them to do.

I would change the American flag to suit me. In amongst the stars it would have a small white moon. There would be a yellow circle representing the sun as well. The flag would be exactly the same apart from that change and one other. Using the Welsh Dragon idea I would add an Eagle to the flag. Right in the middle. It would be an Eagle in flight. I would add this Eagle because the 'Bald Eagle' has always been a symbol of America and yet it is not on there flag. I have always found that silly. The eagle would be in flight.

There's not many simple things I could think of as all the things I want to change are far too extreme. So go onto the next chapter. I will begin with Animal Changes because there are quite a few. Hence they get a chapter all to themselves.

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