President For A Day

I saw this Competition and thought my imagination and feelings could really run wild with this one.
I have thought about if I were president how things would change. This question has always run through my mind. Now with this competition I can put my thoughts through.
Some of my ideas are quite wild and whacky, where as others are very serious. I have many ideas, and all I can think of straight off my head will be in this Movella.

Please can you like, and comment, maybe add to your favourites as I really think I could have a chance with this. If anyone doing another competition or this on wants me to read there's then let me know. I'm happy to help. Good luck to anyone else doing this competition. xxxx <3


4. More Extreme

OK! I'm going to be a lot more Extreme and get very serious now. There is a lot of big stuff I hate right now and would change if I ever got the opportunity.

I would no longer allow War. People would have to agree to disagree. So many lives are lost at war, but no more! People would get a say in everything. Free Will would be true. Everyone will get there freedom and right to say and be heard. World Peace will happen. All nuclear weapons will be destroyed and safely disposed of. All guns and other types of weapon such as Swords, Spears, bow and arrow will all be destroyed. If there is no weapons then people can fight fairly if need be. People will have different Religions and Cultures and people will have to understand this and just carry on with what they believe. No one has to be Jewish or Muslim if they are Christian. It's a choice not something you must do. You choose your Religion and follow your own Culture. We can never truly have one Religion or Culture. This is because of the Free Will to believe what you wish to believe. So understand others in there beliefs and they will understand you.

Racism will be banned. It is not fair to pick on people because of there background, colour of there skin or there looks. Some people pick on Gingers. It's just a hair colour! What's the point!? People need to realize how much they can hurt a persons feelings just for saying how big there nose is or for other reasons. I have been made fun of before. Mainly for my last name, but for other reasons such as how I act and all that. I know how it feels from experience. It changed an innocent person into someone who used to hate everybody, her life and even herself. That innocent girl still gets bullied but I've learnt to live with it now. My friends got me through it all and still are. I don't care any more. But if I ever had the chance I would stop bullying forever. Nobody deserves what I went through my whole school life. Disabled people should not be made fun of. It's not there fault if there in a wheelchair or anything else. Some people are born with it or get it from accidents. It's horrible to bully someone not as well off as yourself. They don't deserve it!

Cyber bullying will be banned. I've had it and it's horrible. I know people who have killed themselves to stop the pain and torture people gave then. Life wasted because bullies don't know when to quit. It makes me sad writing this and thinking about how much people suffer in this world. Killing yourself may be the easy way out but it's never the right choice.

You will not be aloud to hurt a person in any way. Murder will be stopped. No more robbing banks as guns will be destroyed. No more terrorizing or terrorists. If we all got along and there were no weapons the only deaths we would have would be from old age, freak accidents, or illness's. Cars will obey the speed limits so less people will be hit by cars. No main roads near schools. There will be more zebra crossings so people can safely cross roads in more places. There will be more speed cameras so people in cars speeding will be caught easier.

Police, Firemen, Ambulance Crew will be increased. Policemen will be spread out in different places so people have more chance of finding a policeman. Also if police are out on regular patrol there is more chance of spotting a house being burgled or on fire. It will be free for children to ring there parents and parents to ring there children. This enables there safety and the parents will always know where they are.

I would stop innocent starving children in places like Africa from dying a painful death. I would sent Americans over with food and water. Children who no longer have there parents would come over to different countries to life with a loving family. Then they would grow up happy, get the education and life they so need and deserve. I would raise money and send it over to poor countries so they can afford the things they need such as medication and water pumps. They would have clean sheltered places to live and proper toilets that flush built, rather than a diseased hole in the ground. With water pumps they would no longer be drinking filthy water. If there not drinking filthy water then they cannot get diseases and illness's such as Cholera. I would send over bug repellents and bug nets to prevent them getting bitten by mosquito's and getting Malaria. No child deserves to die. I would help them all I could. Also to raise the money, every time someone wins the lottery a small fraction of the money would go to poor people. There would be no people out on the streets fighting for there lives. There would be homeless sanctuary's opened up, keeping homeless people dry, warm, and well fed until they can get a job and the money to move on.

Well this is my Extreme changes, and how Extreme they really are. Now to make the mood a little happier lets move onto some Ridiculous rumours I would like to find out the truth about on the next chapter.

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