President For A Day

I saw this Competition and thought my imagination and feelings could really run wild with this one.
I have thought about if I were president how things would change. This question has always run through my mind. Now with this competition I can put my thoughts through.
Some of my ideas are quite wild and whacky, where as others are very serious. I have many ideas, and all I can think of straight off my head will be in this Movella.

Please can you like, and comment, maybe add to your favourites as I really think I could have a chance with this. If anyone doing another competition or this on wants me to read there's then let me know. I'm happy to help. Good luck to anyone else doing this competition. xxxx <3


1. If I Were President

 If I were President a lot of things would be different. I am quite a soft person, I don't like violence. I like to see people living in harmony. I hate bullies because I used to get bullied a lot and still do.

I don't agree with Racism or people that make fun of people, like Disabled People. It's not there fault and it's not fair. You shouldn't make fun of someone for something they cannot help or change.

I hate people who kill for no reason. I really hate war. People fighting for no reason. All because of Religion and Culture. Everybody should get a say in what they want. There shouldn't be slavery, everyone deserves to have there freedom. Everyone has free will. They should be aloud to use it. If people treated each other as equals and let people have there say and agreed to disagree then this world would be a better place. No War, No Fighting, And No Deaths. The only deaths would be from old age or an illness. There would no longer be murder.

So many lives wasted in the war. So many people of such use to this world, Destroyed! Imagine if the people we killed were people that would have created something life changing in the future. Just imagine that! Think about it! Like the creator of the World Wide Web...Tim Berners-Lee. Or the person who created the worlds first car. The creator of the first car was Karl Benz. The thought of never having cars or any type of Transport. Imagine a world where there were no cars. You had to walk everywhere. Or a world with no Internet. No Facebook to get in touch with old friends. No Google to find out things you need to know. No Ebay to buy things you can't get locally. Even I couldn't imagine or stand a world like that.

 So anyway you know a lot about how I feel now. I think it's time for you to go onto the next two chapter to find out what serious rules and action I would take, as well as what simple tasks and things I would do or change.

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