President For A Day

I saw this Competition and thought my imagination and feelings could really run wild with this one.
I have thought about if I were president how things would change. This question has always run through my mind. Now with this competition I can put my thoughts through.
Some of my ideas are quite wild and whacky, where as others are very serious. I have many ideas, and all I can think of straight off my head will be in this Movella.

Please can you like, and comment, maybe add to your favourites as I really think I could have a chance with this. If anyone doing another competition or this on wants me to read there's then let me know. I'm happy to help. Good luck to anyone else doing this competition. xxxx <3


3. Animal Changes

OK! Let's start off with the things I would change to make this world a better place for animals. It's not just people that deserve happyness. It's not just people who deserve to be heard. It's not just people I care about.

I would start with no longer allowing Fox Hunts. You can only shoot them with a tranquillizer if there on your land. They would never get on your land though because I would get people to upgrade the fencing on peoples farms. If a fox did get on your farm and you shot it with a tranquillizer then there would be a special society of people that help save foxes that would come to collect the fox and take it far away from you. The foxes would go to a sanctuary far away from farms and people. Far out into the countryside at an unknown destination. Only the people saving the foxes would know where it was. The foxes would not be in cages or fenced in. They would be free to roam in this huge area. It would be many acres long and wide.

The next animal I would save would be the Badgers. Apparently they have been giving diseases to cows. I don't believe this for one minute. In order to be sure I would get a society that save badgers to do the same as the foxes. If a badger is seen on your farm, shoot it with a tranquillizer dart. In order to stop the culling and save the cows that may be in danger, the badgers would be taken far away from the farms. I know that tranquillizer guns and darts cost money and so I would pay out so farmers were well supplied.

Another animal I want to save is wolves. I am a mad wolf lover and hate hearing about them getting killed by hunters for fun or because there dangerous creatures. Wolves are not dangerous. There only dangerous when hungry or provoked. If you stay away from them and there territory your fine. People like Sarah Palin I can't stand. She wants to become President so she can wipe out all the wolves. Wolves are beautiful creatures. Wolves are also good at picking off the weak Elks and Deer. This is good for the species. As for hunters shooting Deer and Elks to lower down the population, they end up shooting the stronger ones putting a risk to extinction on the species. Wolves only go for the weak ones. So wolves have there uses. We could release packs of wolves in areas over populated with Elk and Deer. So the Elk and Deer don't go to waste. If there is a wolf problem near you. Then just tranquillize the wolf and my special wolf saving society will do exactly what the other society's do in order to save the foxes and badgers. No animal deserves to die. Unless it's in a humane way. Such as to feed another animal.

I would ban Animal Testing. Loads of animals are in cages, having horrible experiments tested on them. They get no freedom and are put through agonizing deaths. It's not right to let an animal suffer for human needs. Beside animals are different to people. So testing medication and make-up on animals is a bad idea. Some things may have horrible effects on animals but be very useful for people. Or some things may work great on animals but have very bad effects on people. A person who's willing to put his or her life on the line should test these things in order to get a more accurate result.

I would finally prevent Animal Cruelty. No animal deserves to be beaten or killed. Some people just do it for the thrill and it's wrong! No animal deserves a life of suffering. Dogs bite a child and get put down. In some cases the child has been annoying or pulling the dogs tail. Innocent dogs get put down every day. Stray dogs go to a pound and get put down after a certain amount of days being there. The very next day someone may come who could have wanted that dog. If I was in charge people would hold an animal in the pound as long as it takes until it finds a home. If you were found to be abusing an animal you would have it taken away from you and be banned for life from having animals. If you were caught with animals again, even if you were not abusing them, you would go to jail for a certain amount of time. Cock Fights are very wrong as are Dog Fights. I have heard that they put a dog in with a Bull or a Bear to see who wins. It is obvious that most of the time the Bull or Bear will win. It is not right to do this. I would ban it. I would stop Animal Testing Labs by shutting them down. I would ban the places that have hens in tiny cages that never see daylight or get to be free. I would replace it with Free Range. All the trapped hens would be freed onto free range farms. They would get the freedom they deserve.  I have also heard that there are people who keep a calf in darkness all it's life all the way up to slaughter. They do this with male calves. They are taken from there mothers soon after birth and kept in a tiny pen with no room to move. This type of meat is called Veal. This will be banned.

From all this you will realize I am an animal lover. I have a lot more Rules though. Let's move onto my Extreme changes now. And I mean really extreme considering these are already quite extreme.

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