Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


7. Text Message

Brooke's POV

On the way home in our limo, I got a text message. I didn't know who it was from. The text said "Hey :)" I texted back "Who is this?" The person replied instantly, "NIAALLLER"So this is how our text message went:

Me- Niall ! (:

Niall- I never got ur name! My contact name for u is just "The Girl @ Marylebone"

Me- Im Brooke

Niall- Well nice to meet you Brooke !  ....Roll down your window

Me- Why ?

Niall- Roll down your window and look outside

So I rolled down my window and looked outside. "ONE DIRECTION !" I yelled and smiled. I tried to be not so loud because mom and dad were sleeping. 

"Hey, love" Niall said to me.

"Hey! Where are you guys headed?"

"To our house, want to tag along?" Liam asked. I looked at the traffic light. I better hurry before it turns green.

"Its too late Liam ! I'll see you guys tomorrow maybe"

"Aww... ok.." Niall whined.

The traffic light turned green and the limo headed off to our hotel. When we got into our hotel room, I took a shower and brushed my teeth and got into my Aeropostale pjs. I fell asleep on the bed watching the Food Network.


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