Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


3. Packing up

Brooke's POV

I catched up with Zack and Anna after school. We walked outside to walk home. "Hey guys, I need to tell you guys something..."

"What?" Anna said.

"Yeh?" Zack asked.

"Well... um... ugh, I don't know how to tell you guys!"

"Just tell us, Brooke" Anna said

I let out a deep breath & said "I won't be at school for a few weeks or months"

"WHY!?" yelled Zack. Anna just stared at me.

"Actually, I won't even be home, I won't even be in Texas, I won't even be in America..."

"I said 'WHY'" Zack said. Anna still just stared at me.

"I'm going to London..."

"WHAT!?" Anna yelled.

"I'll be back though!"

"What about our project?" Anna asked

"I was hoping if you guys can do it without me..."

"I guess so .." Zack said rubbing his arms.

We kept walking. Darn, I forgot to bring my jacket this morning, all I could do is rub my arms. Zack saw me and gave me his jacket. "Awwh thanks Zack". He smiled and blushed. I wasn't really concentrating on where I was walking & I tripped on a branch on the ground. I was falling then Zack grabbed my hand but I kept falling then fell on my bottom. He made the fall less hard. He asked "Are you okay, Brooke!?" & pulled me up. "Yes, thanks Zack" and then I hugged him. We reached Anna's house then to my house. I gave Zack his jacket back and went inside.

"Brooke! Pack up sweetie." my mom said from her bedroom.

"ALREADY!?" I said as I walked to her room.

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that we were leaving for the airport tomorrow morning."

"DARN." I walked to my room, I got out my purple giraffe print luggage, I laid it on my bed and unzipped it. I walked to my closet and started looking for clothes. Since we're staying in London for a fews weeks or months.. I grabbed a lot of clothes. Since it was getting cold, I got 8 t-shirts, 4 sweaters, 2 hoodies from Hollister, 12 skinny jeans, 4 long sleeved t-shirts, and 6 pajamas. I folded them all neatly and placed them in the luggage. There was some space left for my panties and bras. So I filled all the spaces with them. I got a tote bag and placed my lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and perfume into it. 

Then I got ready to sleep.

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