Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


5. London

Brooke's POV

We got off the plane and as we walked out the airport. We saw dad's boss. "Greetings, John! Here is your limo to the hotel." I stared at the limo in amazement.

"WE GET TO RIDE A LIMO!? OMG" I yelled. I looked around the airport building. There was a whole lot of limos along with a few taxis.

"No, your riding a taxi young lady." said dad's boss.

WHAT!? "B-b-but..." I stammered

"HAHAHHA. No, just joking young lady, you're riding the limo."

Wow. I got into the limo with my parents (how lame does that sound) and placed our luggages down. We finally reached our hotel after a few minutes. The hotel was called The Marylebone Hotel. We dragged our luggages into the hotel. I stared in awe. HOLY CRAP. This is one rich modern hotel. 

My dad walked to the reception desk to get our room number and key. Dad gestured me and Mom over to the elevator. Dad pressed the "up" button, after a few seconds, the door opened, two girls walked out and we all got in. Dad pressed the "14" button. When we got on the 14th floor, dad tried to find room number 142. When we found it, dad slid the key card in the slot on the door and a little green light flashed and he opened the door. WOW. This is one sweet room. It had 1 queen sized bed for mom and dad and 1 twin bed for me! There this small glass table with a red chair by it. There was a big plasma screen TV, two restrooms, 2 closets and a lamp.

"Brooke, get dressed up, we're going to eat dinner in 2 hours" my dad said.

Niall's POV

"Hey guys, I'm hungry!" I told the boys.

"Damn, you're always hungry!" Zayn chuckled.

"Wanna eat dinner tonight?" Liam asked.

"Where?" Harry said.

"NANDO'S!" I yelled out.

"Bro, that's in Ireland" Zayn said

"Fuck." I said.

Louis yelled out "OH I KNOW"

"Where?" Liam and Harry both asked.

"There's this restaurant called ONE 08 Marylebone Lane."

"Whatever the restaurant is, as long as it has good food" I said.

"Alrighty then. C'mon mates, I'll might as well get ready now" Liam said.

"Ok, I'll type in the address onto my GPS, I'll be waiting for you guys in the car." Harry said.

I went up to my room and got dressed. I fixed my hair and walked to Harry's car. Everybody was in except Zayn. Haha. Of course. That silly lad. 1 minute later, Zayn showed up. "Sorry mates, I had to fix my hair"

Harry started the car & drove to the restaurant.

Brooke's POV

I didn't pack a dress so my mom letted me walk to the nearest clothing store, my mom gave me 200 pounds. I picked a strapless white ruffled dress. I also picked out some black heels and a silver heart necklace along with a charm bracelet. I paid it at the counter and walked back to the hotel. Wow, so much stuff to carry.

Niall's POV

I saw The Marylebone Hotel ahead... I saw girl carrying all these stuff while walking to the hotel. "STOP DRIVING HARRY!" I yelled out, & Harry slammed on the brakes and I heard a screech. "What do you want Niall!?" asked Liam. I didn't answer him. I opened the door and ran to the girl. "Hey, you need some help right there?" I asked.

I guess I startled her a little because she jumped. "Oh my gosh, who are you?"

"I'm Niall from the band One Direction" I replied, smiling at her, her green eyes are so beautiful.

"Oh yeah." She smiled a little. "I'm not a big fan but I have heard of One Direction"

I grabbed her dress that she bought and walked her into the hotel. We went into the escalator and she pressed the number '14'. "So what are you doing here in London, mate?"

"Well, my dad has a business meeting here in London. Im staying here for a month."

"Where do you live?"

"Texas, USA"

"Oh, an American girl" I said and winked at her.

She giggled and when the escalator stopped at floor 14. "Umm..."

"Whats wrong, babe?" I asked.

"I forgot where room 142 is"

"Oh you silly lad, look in front of you" I pointed to a sign in front of us. It printed '140-150, Left 151-160, Right'.

"Oh, haha" she giggled and blushed.

I led her to the left and she pulled out a card and slipped it into a slot and opened the door. I gave her the dress & said bye. I went back to the escalator and out of the lobby in Harry's car. "What was that about, mate?" Louis asked.

"Sorry lads, I had to help a girl" I told them.

"Oh you silly Niall" Harry said as he started driving.




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