Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


8. Hanging out with 1D

Niall's POV

"Stop...stop..." I mumbled. I opened my eyes and I saw Harry & Louis with a blue Sharpie in both of their hands. "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" I practically yelled, which caused Zayn and Liam to wake up.

"Whats wrong mate?" Liam asked slowly opening his eyes. Then he started laughing.

"What are you la-" Zayn started off but then began laughing and pointing at my face.

I laughed pointing to Liams and Zayns face. "YOU GUYS HAVE MUSTACHES!" But Zayn said "YOU DO TOO!!" & He clenched his stomach and laughed.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" I ran to the mirror and saw that I grew a mustache on my face. A bright blue mustache. Great. I ran to the Harry and Louis and tackled them. I snatched the Sharpies out of their hands and drew on their faces.

Then Liam got a black Sharpie and threw it to Louis, "Here Louis! DEFEND YOURSELF!"

Louis was too late, I catched it. But Harry grabbed the other blue Sharpie out of my hand. "GIVE IT BACK HAZZA!" He ran to the kitchen. I chased after him and Louis chased after me. Harry ran outside. We passed the Marylebone hotel. I stopped in my tracks. Louis ran into me. Harry kept running thinking that we were still behind him. I saw Brooke jogging around in sweats. I ran behind her and "BOO!" 

" Aaah! " She turned around. "NIALL! ...Why do you have a mustache on your face!?" She giggled. I pulled her to Louis and said "This is Brooke!"

"Hey!" Louis yelled.

"Ok, now lets find Harry." I started walking the direction that I last saw Harry. As we turned around the corner, we saw Hazza stomping towards us.

"YOU GUYS WERENT CHASING ME!" Harry yelled. Louis chuckled and ran away, I grabbed Brooke's hand and ran with Louis, we were running towards the shopping center. As we entered the shopping center, I noticed I was in my boxers and white t-shirt. Damn, oh well. Louis stopped in his tracks and ran the opposite way. SHIT. FANS. Harry started running the other way too. We ran all the way to the house we all got it and locked all the doors, closed all the windows and gathered on the sofa. 

Liam and Zayn came it. "You just HAD to bring the fans here, don't you?" chuckled Liam. Why does all these boys have marks on their faces? Haha.

"VAS HAPPENING!?" Zayn yelled. Brooke laughed so hard.

"Wanna watch a movie?" Harry suggested.

"Suuuure" Louis said.

"Ok, what movie?"

"TOY STORY" "FINDING NEMO" & Other movies were said. "Ok, its up to the girl." Liam said and looked at Brooke.

"Uh..." She looked at me. "Niall?"


"What movie do YOU want?" Brooke looked at me. She laughed... probably at my mustache!

"WHATCHA LAUGHING AT!?" I yelled and tickled her. She tried to kick me off but I was too strong, I held her arms down until she couldnt move. "Hazza ! Louis ! Hold Brooke down, I need to get something" Harry and Louis took over. I ran to the bedroom & grabbed a red Sharpie. I ran back to the sofa and started drawing on her face. She kept yelling STOP but she couldnt move. After I was done with my artwork, she ran to the mirror and said "WOAH!" She turned around and looked at me. The boys laughed. 

"Thats what you get for laughing at my mustache!" She chased me around the house. When I was running in the kitchen, I stopped and turn around, she ran into me and I picked her up and swung her over my shoulder and carried her outside, it looked like it was snowing! I threw her into the snow. 

We spent the rest of the day with Brooke and drinking hot cocoa.

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