Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


6. Dinner at Marylebone

Niall's POV

As the waitress led me and the boys to our table, a few girls screamed, but good think Paul was here to protect us from the fans. We sat down at our table & looked at the menus. The waitress left to get us some water. "Wow, this is a fancy place, Louis." Louis smiled really big and goofy. I started laughing at his silly smile. I playfully punched Louis and he punched me back. "Ow!" I joked. 

"BOYS. Stop." Paul warned us. Why does Paul always have to ruin our fun? I went back to the menu. Heh heh, yay food. The waitress came back and pulled out a notebook and asked "What would you like you order?"

I was the first to order, "I would like a hand battered fish, a rib eye steak along with buttered potatoes" 

"Woah, woah, thats a lot, Nialler" said Harry.

"Hazza, you know I'm hungry" After the boys and Paul ordered, I sat back, & pulled out my phone & went onto Twitter. I tweeted 'At Marylebone with the boys. ready to get fat ;)' As I looked up from my phone, I saw a waiter lead a family of 3 to the table across from us. Wait a minute... WAIT A MINUTE ... Isn't that the girl I saw earlier? Yes, I think so! I have to make a plan to meet her privately.

"Mom, I'll be right back" she told her mom.

Oh goodie! She's probably going to the toilet. "I'll be right back, mates".

"HOLD UP. Where do you think your going?" Paul stopped me.

"The toilet, Paul" I answered

"Im coming with you"

"Wait, wait, wait. No. I could go by my self."


"Oh. Um Paul, can I borrow your hoodie?"

"What for? Its not even cold"

"Im gonna cover myself up with the hood"

"This silly lad" He gave my his hoodie and I slipped it on. It was too big though. I made my way to the toilet. I waited outside of the doors, waiting for that girl to come out. When she comes out, Im going to pretend to be walking out of the Men's.

Brooke's POV

I didn't have time to put on my makeup in the hotel so I decided to put it on here. I fixed my straight hair into place. I straightened out my dress. I took out my phone and turned it on. After waiting for my iPhone to turn on, I got a lot of text messages from my friends !

Niall's POV

She's taking a long time in there. Should I keep waiting?

Paul's POV

That Niall sure is taking a long time in the toilet! Should I look for him? I stood up just when the food arrived. I sat back down and got ready to eat.

Zayn's POV

Niall's taking too long. His food is going to get cold. Should I check on him? I ate a piece of my sirloin steak. Nah, I'll just sit here & enjoy my steak.

Brooke's POV

After finishing texting everybody back, I put my phone on SILENT and walk out the door. While I was walking, I wasnt looking where I was headed and bumped into this boy. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!"

"Its okay" I looked up into the blue eyes of this blonde Irish boy. 


"Haha Yeh"

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm just having dinner with the boys, want to join us?"

"Sorry, I'm having dinner with my parents.."

"Oh its ok."

My phone vibrated. I took it & saw a text from Anna, I texted back, 'Sorry Anna, cant txt right now, im busy talking to Niall'. Before I could put my phone up, Niall asked if he could see it, I was confused but I said sure.

Niall's POV

I went to the 'Phone' app on her iPhone, I pressed on the 'Contacts' box & got out my phone. I scrolled all the way up until I could see the gray box that said "My Number" I copied down her number onto my phone and gave her phone back and said "See ya later"

I walked back to the table with the boys and Paul said "What took you so long!?"

"Did you go number two? Hahahahaha" Louis laughed to himself.

I playfully punched Louis and said "Shut up. Haha"

I started eating. I saw Liam staring at the spoon on the table. "How are you going to eat your White Onion Soup, now Liam?"

"You'll see" Liam said and called over a waiter, "Um Excuse me mister but may I ask for a straw?" The waiter gave Liam a straw and so he took off the wrapper and stuck the straw into his soup and told me "Now this, is the best way to eat soup!" He starting sipping his soup. I laugh so hard that Paul gave me a look and told me to stop. The other lads started to laugh too. I saw that girl looking at Liam and kind of laughed too.

I went back to eating.

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