Niall & The Potatoes

Brooke had to leave 10th grade in the middle of the school year & move to London temporally for her dad's business meeting. They are staying there for a month. Then Brooke never thought that her life would change while she is in London.


4. Airport

**Author's Note**

Sorry guys for all the point of view's (POV) of Brooke! I'll write in different people's point of views later on in the story! Thanks for reading! (:


Brooke's POV

"Brooke! Wake up! Get ready to go to the airport!" my mom said as she is shaking me back and forth. I looked at the clock. 6:00!? Wow, so early. My mom left to get ready too as I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I put on some dark blue skinny jeans with a white Aeropostale t-shirt and navy Tom's. I didn't bother to straighten my hair or put on some makeup because I was so sleepy. I placed my iPhone into my back pocket and got my straight iron and placed it into my tote bag.

I walked downstairs and ate white chocolate chip pancakes that dad made. My mom had some French toast, my dad ate a bagel with cream cheese. When we were done eating, we got into the car along with our luggages and my tote bag and drove to the DFW Airport.

After 55 long minutes on the car, we arrived to the airport. We waited for our flight at 7:45am. Then we had to do that scan thing. It's not like we have guns or bombs or anything. We boarded on the plane. I sat by the window, my mom sat in the first seat and my dad sat in the seat in front of mom.

I texted Zack, Anna & a few other friends that I was on the plane. Then I turned off my phone. 10 minutes later, the plane was getting ready to fly.

I didn't really have anything to do so I fell asleep.

I woke up to the voice of my mom. "Brooke. Would you like anything to drink?" I opened my eyes and saw a flight attendant with a cart of beverages. "Oh yes, I would like some apple juice please" The flight attendant passed me a bottle of Minute Maid Apple Juice. I opened it and took a few sips then closed it and placed it between my legs.

"Mom, how much longer?"

"Its only been an hour."

"But how much longer mom?"

"Oh, well, the flight takes about 9 hours, do the math" 

Ugh, this is what you get when your mom is a math teacher. So 8 more hours. So long ! So I decided to fall back to sleep.

I opened my eyes. I blinked a few times before remembering that I was on a plane. I looked out the window. I see clouds. I'm guessing we're over the ocean. I looked over to my mom. She's reading a book. "Mom?" I drank some apple juice.

"Yes?" she answered not looking away from her book.

"How much longer?" I took a sip of my apple juice again.

"Another 3 hours has passed"

Umm... 1 + 3 = 4 and 8 - 4 = 4 , so four more hours. Yay, I get more sleep... So I fell asleep again.


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