Crazy like beez

it is about a young girl who feels like a mystery what comes and goes from her heart


2. First time

I was sitting all alone the next day being spied on by these bullies in my year they were so anyoing to be near. They last bullied me on my first day at Sauys Secondrey school which is where I am now, sometimes I wish I was alowed to just diserpear into the shadows of my praimary school where bulling is not allowed.


When the teacher walked in the path where I was being picked on he brought them to his office for a meeting.Soon I was standing on my feet walking down the school when I suddenly noticed a boy walking up to me I was in shook to see a boy near me. When this strange boy came closer and closer to me I froze like a ice-cube sinking the titanic.


The boy soon became serten to ask me something special, I did look at him in a wiered way thourgh but I didn't care. I just knew one day he would be mine!



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