Crazy like beez

it is about a young girl who feels like a mystery what comes and goes from her heart


1. Bee hives in the air

There was so much buzzing from these yellow and black things called bees. I was trying to concertrate on my homework which was due tomorrow morning in Mrs Callets class, her class was my favourite because of the friends around me.


I never got any help on my homework because my parents think it is you who is marked at the end of the day not us. They where right through it is my level not theirs.


It was hard to believe I was in year 8 because I am no taller then my sister Molly who is in year 5. After every day I would always tell my Mum and Dad I do not like my school because it is ordernery and I am not. Every time there answer would be you are just as normel as your sister Molly. Now do something useful Bella!

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