I Never Knew...

Dianne is an 18 year old, that has three sisters, who are triplets, Kathryn, Kate, and Katelyn. Those three are different, but they all love One Direction. Except, Dianne. She definitely hates 1D, but when their father Sam Clark, who is very rich, invites 1D to the triplets' 16th birthday, will Dianne change her mind?


3. Tomorrow's Friday

Dianne's P.O.V.

Yay, I'm soo excited! Tomorrow's the triplets' birthday party!

But, I'm not that excited for 1D. Dad said they will perform on this stage he rented. The party will be in and out of our house. Outside is where we eat. And in is where you can hang around.

Omg, I just heard the loudest scream! The triplets probably screamed in excitement for tomorrow. I went to Kathryn's room. 

Wow, they weren't screaming in excitement. There was one more little thing these girls have in common. They are allergic to insects, even ants. They are also very very scared of them.

"Dianne, glad you're here! Kill that ant!" Kate said, ok, these three are having a little sleepover in Kathryn's room. They wanted to wake up in the same room for their birthday. I don't know why.

"Ok. Fine." I said and killed that poor ant, I didn't actually kill it, I picked it up with a tissue and went outside and threw it. Poor ant.

I went back to Kathryn's room and said"No ants anymore. K, goodnight." 

"Wait, since you're here, why won't you join our sleepover?" Kathryn offered with those cute puppy dog eyes.

"Ok, ok. Fine, let me go get some of my stuff, ok?" I said and the girls cheered.

I went into my room and took my blue pillow, iPhone, laptop, and mom's picture. I will always bring that picture. Of course it's in a frame. 

Then, I noticed it was already 8:30, so I changed into my pi's and headed to Kathryn's room.

I went in and the girls were doing their thing. Kathryn was playing ping-pong with the wall, I tried it but the ball keeps going the wrong way! Kate was listening to music, her headphones were soo cute! They were pink and sky blue with some cute little sparkles. Katelyn was drawing shoes, so she can show 'em to dad. She's so artistic.

I saw four sleeping bags on the floor. I was guessing the one next to Kate is mine. I set down my pillow and put mom's picture by Kathryn's night lamp. I turned on my laptop and went on twitter.

Suddenly, Kate texted me. I was like, what?!

From DJ Kate:

I see you brought mom's pic.

To DJ Kate:

I see you noticed. why are you texting me? We're right next to each other.

I laughed. Then the girls said"Shhhhhhh"

I don't know why, but I think I'll fid out.

From DJ Kate:

We are having a moment of silence. You can make sounds, but not from your mouth.

To DJ Kate:

Ok... But what if I cough?

From DJ Kate:

That's acceptable. But it better be real.

I almost laughed but Kate put her hand on my mouth. Oops. I forgot.

I wonder when this moment of silence will end. But I quickly fell asleep. Goodnight guys, I  said quietly and my eyes shut closed. I guess I was really tired.

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