I Never Knew...

Dianne is an 18 year old, that has three sisters, who are triplets, Kathryn, Kate, and Katelyn. Those three are different, but they all love One Direction. Except, Dianne. She definitely hates 1D, but when their father Sam Clark, who is very rich, invites 1D to the triplets' 16th birthday, will Dianne change her mind?


2. Talking to 1/5 of 1D... On the Phone

Kathryn's P.O.V.

Ahhhhh. Omg, it's already 7:30! I have got to go to my baseball game! I got up from my bed, took a shower, and got dressed. I went downstairs and I saw Dianne and dad eating.

"Dad! I'm late! I'm late! No. No. No. I cannot be late!" I panicked.

I took a sandwich and headed outside. I can never be late for my game.

"Good luck, Kathryn!" My dad yelled after me.

Kate's P.O.V.

I was just listening to music in my bedroom, suddenly I think I heard Kathryn panic.

I bet it's about her baseball game. I mean it's already 7:40, she is running late.

I got up from my bed and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Of course why would I leave my headphones here? I always bring my headphones everywhere.

Except the bathroom. I just play the music on my iPad 2 without the headphones. Music makes me feel so happy. So energetic. I dance everyday to music. I love music!

Katelyn's P.O.V.

Noooooo! I just ran out of new clothes! This is a fashion emergency for me!

I have got to go shopping. I know, I have tons of clothes in my closet. But I already wore all of them! That means people will see me again wearing the same clothing from probably, ever since I was born!

Okay, maybe my sisters wear same clothes almost every other week. But this. This is a fashion emergency for ME!

I grabbed my purse and headed outside to the mall. But dad stopped me.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Where are you going?" He asked and looked at my purse. I know he knows where I'm going, he just wants to stop me cause he thinks I didn't eat breakfast yet.

"To the mall. It's a serious fashion emergency! And I already ate breakfast earlier. So, don't worry about me!" I said impatiently wanting to get outside.

"Ok. Bye, Katelyn. I haven't seen you wear that for years!" He said amazed.

"See, you're already starting to notice. Ughhh! I have to go dad bye. Oh and bye, Dianne and Kate!" I said and headed to our car.

Dianne's P.O.V.

Aww. How cute. Kathryn never ever will miss her baseball game. Kate will always keep her headphones and iPod nano with her. Katelyn will never wear an old pair of clothing.

Me. Is just me. Well, anyways, dad wanted me to help prepare the triplets' party, while three of them are busy.

Dad has everything set. I mean on Friday, I will have to spend the day with the triplets, while dad and his helpers prepare their party.

But it's definitely not a surprise party. it's just that dad wants me to bond with them. And I will.

All dad has to do now, is call (you know who) and tell them when the party will be set.

Dad was just about to pick up his ringing phone, until someone doorbelled. It was dad's friend.

"Dianne, you answer 1D, I have to talk to my friend about something very important and it's an emergency." He said as he handed me the phone.

"What?! But-" I got cut off by dad.

"Just tell them when is the party, ok?" He asked me impatiently. I bet whatever he's gonna talk about with his friend is really important.

"Uh... Ok, fine." I stammered and pressed answer on his phone. He smiled and went to talk to his friend.

I put the phone close to my ear as soon as i pressed answer.

"He- Hello?" I asked kind of nervous. Wait, why am I nervous?

"Hello, Mr. Clark! Wait, is that you, Mr. Clark?" The guy asked. I think it was that curly haired guy. Cause that's what Kate was talking to me about yesterday.

"Uh. No, this is his daughter. He is kind of busy right now, so I had to answer it. And the party's at Friday, 4:30 pm." I informed him, I didn't even bother to say my name. I would, if I liked 1D, but I definitely don't.

"Um. Thanks! Bye!" He said and hung up.

See, he's so rude. he didn't even let me say bye. Not that I wanted to. Then, my dad comes walking up to me, perfect timing, dad, perfect timing.

"So, did it go?" He asked me, smiling, as he took out some orange juice from the refrigerator.

"It was OK, dad." I told him and smiled.

"Ok." He said.

I waked towards my room and sat on my bed. I smiled. I loved the shining sun.

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