I Never Knew...

Dianne is an 18 year old, that has three sisters, who are triplets, Kathryn, Kate, and Katelyn. Those three are different, but they all love One Direction. Except, Dianne. She definitely hates 1D, but when their father Sam Clark, who is very rich, invites 1D to the triplets' 16th birthday, will Dianne change her mind?


1. My sisters and I

Dianne's P.O.V

Ahhhhh, I feel so relaxed. I just finished high school this year. But I do plan on going to college. My sisters are turning 16 this week! I'm so excited!

Those triplets are soo cute, of course I can tell who is who.

Kathryn is sporty, she loves all kinds of sports, especially, baseball. She got 5 home runs on her last baseball game! How cool is that?

Kate, she loves music, she has her headphones every time, including her iPod nano, of course that's where music comes from!

Katelyn, she loves fashion, she even designed one of her own clothing. Our dad is planning to show the world Katelyn's amazing fashion skills!

Me, just regular old me. I'm not part of their triplet group. I was born first, which makes me oldest, then they were born two years after me. Our mom died when I was 14, and the three were only 12. So sad. I have a picture of her next to my lampshade. I always, always say goodnight to her before I sleep. Even though she's gone...

Well, my sisters are very different, but one little thing, made three of them soo alike. They all like One Direction! They have posters, t-shirts, albums, pictures, etc. But, I hate that boy band! For my opinion, I think they suck! But of course, my sisters felt very sad to hear that from me. So I didn't talk about it in front of them.

And, my dad was planning on inviting One Direction to the triplets' party. I'll just ignore them if they come to me, I'll just hang out with my friends. Yeah.

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