I Never Knew...

Dianne is an 18 year old, that has three sisters, who are triplets, Kathryn, Kate, and Katelyn. Those three are different, but they all love One Direction. Except, Dianne. She definitely hates 1D, but when their father Sam Clark, who is very rich, invites 1D to the triplets' 16th birthday, will Dianne change her mind?


5. Him...

Dianne's P.O.V

The triplets had a rocking party. I had fun also. The three invited me to visit our grandmother, grandpa died. But grandma is fine. I was deciding to go, but I took a rain check. I wanted some alone time. I told grandma I'll visit next time, but not now.

I stood up from my bed, and got me ready for the morning. I was going to the mall. After I got ready, I ate breakfast and went straight to my car. I was alone in the house. Dad was working, the triplets were at grandma's, and some of our helpers in the house were on vacation. 


I parked my car and went in the huge mall. I wanted to go to the bookstore, but first, I MUST go to Starbucks. It's my favorite place to go to when I'm alone or with friends. I ordered a Java Chip Frappucino. I tried every drink there except that. I was just waiting for my drink until I heard a familiar voice. OH NO! It's him! I hope he doesn't see me!

"Ok, thanks." he says as he paid for his drink. I blended in with the crowd so he couldn't see me. If he did, he'll start talking to me and I don't. He passed by and sat down somewhere he couldn't see me. Thank goodness. Then I heard my name called and my drink. I took my drink and went straight to the bookstore. He won't find me there. I just hope he doesn't know my name because he probably heard "Dianne" in Starbucks and starts following me.

I went to the farthest aisle in the bookstore. It was my favorite spot, I started sipping on my drink until footspteps came in my direction. How weird, no one ever comes to this aisle. They always go to the most popular books. Not where there's old books. Yes, I'm in the aisle of ancient very ancient history. I don't really like reading any of the books, I just take a different book from another aisle. Very interesting books. There is too much people going to that aisle so I found this aisle and read here. I just like peace and quiet, that's why it's my favorite spot.

Well, apparently, someone is actually coming towards this aisle, it's probably an employee. But I heard sipping, like me. I'm sipping on my drink.

Then the person finally came to this aisle. And I'm not that happy about who it was. Really...


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