Doctor Who: Travelling Through Film

The Doctor and Amy are at the movies watching a film, when the Doctor notices a strange electrical alien current. As he and Amy go and investigate, they're sucked into a vortex and are forced to travel through 10 different films.


2. Twilight

"Erh... Doctor? Where are we?" Amy asked, looking around her new surroundings, a huge green forest.

"I'm not entirely sure Pond." The Doctor replied, using his sonic screwdriver on a moss covered tree. Amy rolled her eyes and leant against another tree. Suddenly the air changed and a blur of white and blue whizzed past the pair. Amy's wild red hair blew in the direction of the blur.

"Doctor. What was that?" Amy asked, the urgency in her voice very clear. The Doctor, putting a hand over his eyes looking in the direction of the blur.

"I'm not sure about that either Pond." The Doctor replied before giving Amy a cheeky smile. "But do you want to find out?"

Amy smiled and grabbed the Doctor's outstretched hand. They raced forward, getting deeper and deeper into the forest, the trees gradually becoming closer and closer. Amy ducked as a hanging branch swung forward. Coming to a stop in the middle of a small clearing, Amy and the Doctor propably examined what was around them. A slight rustle in the wind caught the Doctor's attention and he froze, listening. Then he grabbed Amy's wrist again and dragged her to another clearing where two white skinned people were stalking a herd of elk.

The white people froze, seeming to sense the presence of the Doctor and Amy, then they slowly began coming over. Amy clutched the Doctor's hand tighter. As soon as both pairs were facing each other, Amy let out a small gasp. These people were beautiful. The female (whose eyes were a vibrant, sparkling ruby) had long shining straight hair that was brown in some lights and purple, bronze and black in others. Her whole posture was elegant, like she was a proper lady. The man on the other hand had messy bronze hair that sparkled almost as much as his glinting topaz eyes.

"I think Rory had better pack his bags." Amy managed to say. The Doctor laughed at the comment and strangely, so did the beautiful man. The woman looked questionningly at her partner. He put a reassuring hand around her waist and smiled at Amy and the Doctor.

"Hello Doctor, Amelia. Or do you prefere Amy?" The silken voice of the white man was like an angel.

"Erh... Amy. Thanks." Amy stuttered, trying to regain her cool. The man laughs again. Amy frowns and the man laughs again.

"What's so funny?" Amy asks, folding her arms grumpily. This guy really wasn't impressing her.

"Your thoughts." He replies simply, smiling. The woman rests her head gently on his chest.

"What?!" Amy says, her face twisted in disbelief. The Doctor takes this opputunity to use his sonic screwdriver on them. They stand like statues until he's done.

"Your readings are off the scale. What are you?" The Doctor asks. The woman speaks for the first time, and her voice is just as beautiful as the man's.

"Vampires." That one word triggered a whole new lot of questions from the Doctor.

"How does it work? How old are you? Do you come from Earth? How many are there of you?" He stops, waiting for answers eagerly.

"He has two hearts." The woman says to her partner, just loud enough for AMy and the Doctor to hear.

"How did they know?" Amy asks the Doctor. He shruggs and pulls a face.

"I don't really like it here." He says, wrinkling his nose. "Too green and quiet. Needs a dalek or two." Amy smiles at the last bit.

"Where's your TARDIS?" The man asks.

"Where's your name?" The Doctor replies.

"Edward. Edward Cullen. And this is my wife, Bella." He says, smiling all the while.  "You seem to have misplaced it, haven't you?"

The Doctor looks away sheepishly. Amy frowns.

"Wait, you mean you don't know how to get home?" Amy asks, her voice raising in anger.

"I don't know how we got here!" The Doctor cries. Amy shakes her head and looks at the perfect people.

"Got any ideas?" She asks.

Bella shakes her head slowly, her hair shimmering around her shoulders and Amy couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy.

"Doctor who?" Edward asks, his face smiling then turning serious then smiling again, like he couldn't decide how to feel.

With those two words, another purple vortex opened up and the Doctor and Amy were once again pulled down into the depths of the mysterious purple.....

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