Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


5. JLMA Ch. 5

Niall began choking on his own tears and started to cry uncontrollably, it simply broke my heart to see him this way. "It's my fault!"I finally croaked out crying. "I told you to do this!" "Olivia! Stop! Do not blame yourself." He said getting off his bed. "This whole mess is because if me!" I sobbed. Niall pulled me into his strong arms as I sobbed. I pulled away, "Niall I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you died. I still love you and I always have!" "Hey, hey. Look at me." Niall whispered stroking my hair. "It's ok," He pulled me back into his arms. "You can't blame yourself, I won't let you." When I finally stopped crying I said, "Niall I don't think I ever stopped loving you." I said tears in my eyes. "For the record I never stopped loving you either baby." I smiled as Niall kissed my neck. "I have a few more days in here but I promise I will call you as soon as I can go home." He said kissing the top of my head. "Niall, I am so sorry." "It's over baby, it's all over." I met Niall's eyes with mine and kissed his lips slowly but passionately. "Promise?" I whispered against his warm chest. "I promise you." He said hugging me close. Maybe it was a mistake getting back together with him, but maybe it's guilt that makes me feel obliged to do this. I feel like I owe it to him. Right?
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