Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


48. JLMA Ch. 46

We must've sat in front of that door all night. Just talking and sometimes enjoying each others silence. "Niall?" "Yah babe?" "What are you going to tell your mum and pa?" "The same thing that the media is going to be told." I sighed and nuzzled my head deeper into his chest. "You can't lie to your own mother." I mumbled as he stroked his fingers through my hair. "I know it sounds terrible , but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Either way we tell her, you still won't be pregnant." "Niall, please." I pulled my head up and batted my eyelashes. "Would you come with me?" He asked. "Of course silly." I said and tickled him. He laughed out of breathe, "Are you tired at all?" He asked. We were both laying on our backs on top of the hard wood floor, staring up at the ceiling. "Sort of..." I said softly. "When do you want to go public with your 'pregnancy'?" he said with air quotes. "Now!" I screamed and rolled on top of him to grab his phone from his front pocket. I dug my hand into the deep pockets and found nothing, "Wrong pocket." He smiled cheekily. I yanked my hand out of the right front pocket and reached down into the left. Nothing. "Still wrong pocket..." He mumbled smiling. I then rolled over once more so that he was laying on top of me, "Scandalous Olivia." He laughed as I reached into his right back pocket. "Oh shut up." I told him as I finally pulled the phone out of his pocket. "Not so fast." He said yanking the phone out of my pocket. "You have to kiss me first." He said smiling. I pecked his lips quickly, "You can do better than that." He whispered. I yanked him by his hair and slammed my lips forcefully into his. "Don't stop." He mumbled in between kisses. I snaked my fingers into his and yanked the phone out of his hands, breaking the kiss. "Sucks for you." I giggled pushing him off of me. I jumped onto the couch and opened up twitter. Niall stood behind me and looked over my shoulder. "You know how much hate you're going to get for this right?" I nodded and continued typing. I pressed send and turned to face him. "They hate me because I can do this." I said and kissed him again. "They also hate me because when I say I love you, you actually hear it." "They also hate you because I can say I love you back." He said and kissed my cheek. "It's 3 in the morning, lets go to sleep." "Carry me." I whined. He came around the outside of the couch and turned around . I jumped up on his back and he carried me to the bedroom, setting me down gently. "Goodnight gorgeous." He kissed my forehead and I turned on my side. He shut off the light and pulled the blankets up over us. "Goodnight ni." I whispered and shut my eyes.
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