Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


4. JLMA Ch. 4

"Niall Horan please." I told the lady at the counter. She pointed down a long hallway and said, "Last room on your right." "Thank you." I said as I began to walk down the long hallway, I fiddled with the sleeves of my coat. When I slowly opened the door, I saw him sitting on his bed, fildling with the worn out strings on his guitar. When he saw me his eyes widened and a huge smile formed on his face, I gave him a nervous grin and sat down in a chair next to his bed. "Hey Liv." I looked down awkwardly, that was his old nickname for me. "Sorry old habit I guess." he said softly, "Don't be sorry." It was silent for a few moments until I said, "Niall, when I said those things to you, I was angry. I wasn't expecting you to take it, well, literally." "It was different for me I guess. I just-you just- you meant the world to me and once you said that I was no better then dead to you it really hurt." "Why didn't you just turn to Kendal or whatever her name is." "I saw Kelsey one time before that and Kelsey wasn't like you. She didn't care like you did." "Then why did you waist your time and cheat on me with her?" "Remember you're asking the same guy who just tried to commit suicide." "Why would you ever think of giving up your life?" "I had lost everything that had ever mattered." "But you have the boys and your family and all of your fans." "I lost you, you couldn't even look at me. I loved you so much and I ruined it for you." "If you really loved me then you wouldn't have cheated." You whispered. "I don't have any excuses for what I did, but I would like to think that if I didn't, then I would still be sleeping next to you and I would still be with you."

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