Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


23. JLMA Ch. 23

JLMA Ch. 23


I sat in my bed with Niall and watched him sleep. My head rises and then falls slowly with Niall's breathing. His lips gapped slightly, just wide enough for me to see his braces. His breathe smells like peppermint as warm breathes slowly leave his mouth and caress my skin, leaving goosebumps along my neck. His eyelids shut tight and his brow is furrowed. The stubbles on his chin tickle my cheek. I slowly rise my hand up and run my fingers through his quiff. He mumbles gibberish and repositions his arm across my waist. I slowly drifted off to sleep in his ams. Then next morning when I wake up Niall's eyes are fixated on mine. The deep blue in the middle of his iris condenses as his pupils enlarge. "Good morning beautiful." He said smiling. "Hi ni." I yawned. "So I have good news." He said. "What?" I asked anxiously. "You can go home today!" He said happily. "Home?" I asked softly. "What's wrong?" He asked sadly. "It's just home, our place, our bed..." Niall caught along. "Oh I see. Don't worry. I bought a new mattress and sheets and pillows and everything." I nodded and put on a fake smile. Home would never be the same to me again. The nurses ran some final tests and prescribed me some medicine. I walked up to the mirror and examined the different stages of bruises that I had on my face. I changed the angle if my face to evaluate the damage that Ben had done to my face. I stepped closer to the mirror and gently touched my cheek bones and frowned. "You look fine." Said a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and smiled. "Harry!" I walked over and he pulled me into his arms. He let go of me and looked me up from head to toe. "Olivia..." He sighed. "Pretty bad right?" "I've seen worse." I smiled but felt a little woozy so me and Harry sat down in the seating area over by the door to my room. "When Niall found out, he was scared as hell." "I just wish he would've believed me, this whole situation must be like a huge slap in the face for him." "Yah... He's been helpful right?" "Oh yah of course he has." "Well good." It's was silent for a beat and then Harry said, "Olivia, I've been meaning to tell you something." "Yah Harry?" "Well from the first time I met-" "Harry! What are you doing here lad?" Niall's Irish accent boomed in the silent room. "Oh just checking in on her mate." Harry smiled half-heartedly. "Love the doctor says that we can go." Niall stood behind me and squeezed my shoulder. Harry stood up, "Well I'll leave you two to it." Harry said getting up and exiting the room. "Feel better love." Harry said before he left. Niall helped me off the chair, "Ready?" He asked. "Ready..." I mumbled. We walked down the long hall and Niall put on his sunglasses. I stopped home right in front of the double doors. "Wait Niall." "Yeah?" " I'm afraid." I said turning towards him. He turned to face me and took off his sunglasses, placing them on the top of his head. "What are you afraid of?" Niall asked concerned. "What will they think when they see me like this?" A tear fell down my cheek and Niall whipped it away with his thumb. "No matter what they put in their magazine, promise me that you will never change. You are perfect for me, just the way you are. And if they don't except that I'm happy, then fuck them. Olivia, I love you more than anything. No other girl has ever made me feel the way you do. Don't change just because of the stupid paparazzi. " Niall cupped my face in his hands and kissed me sweetly. He broke the kiss and placed his nose close to mine. "I love you, don't forget." He said brushing his lips with mine. He grabbed my hand, "I'll protect you." We burst through the sliding automatic glass doors and faced the sea of camera men and reporters. We pushed through the crowd and hopped into our awaiting car. *Two weeks later* We were back home at our apartment. The nightmares have been getting better, I guess that means that my psychiatrist is helpful. Niall has been extremely supportive and caring. Niall had just ran out to get the mail, when I heard a car start from downstairs. I looked out the window and saw Niall speed off in our car. I rand own stairs but it was too late, he was already speeding down the road. I heard a crunch from beneath my shoes. I stepped back and looked down to see a letter from the hospital and is torn envelope. I examined the paper slowly, having to read it twice. They had identified my attacker. It wasn't Ben. "The DNA results from the rape kit came back to a male: Harold Edward Styles."
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