Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


2. JLMA Ch. 2

I walk towards the ever so familiar door to Niall's apartment. I had left my work planner there before I left by accident. I unlocked the door with my old key. "Anyone home?" I asked annoyed. I heard shuffling feet and frustrated muffling sounds coming from his bathroom. "Niall?" I ask. I heard the same noise again and I ran to the bathroom, I saw Niall with a hand full of bright orange pills in his hands. He shoved them into his mouth and tried swallowing but I ran to him. "Niall! Spit those out!" I screamed forcefully opening his mouth and making him spit out the pills. "Just let me kill myself!" he screams sobbing. "No! You are better than this!" I say holding onto him. "I'm nothing! I am just trash! Just like you said!" He screams trying to pick up the pills from the ground. I grab his arms and pin them to the floor. "Niall! Stop!" I scream, "Let go off me!" He spits in my face as he struggles to break free of my tight hold. He finally gives up and I reach for your phone and call 911. The ambulances arrive and they take both myself and Niall to the hospital. I only have a few scratches but Niall is in critical mental condition. Why did he just try and take his own life? Why?

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