Just Love Me Already

Olivia and Niall were a happy couple, that is until one text message threatened to ruin both of their lives forever. Drastic decisions, second chances, backstabbing lies and doing the unthinkable all occurs between what the world thinks of as "the power couple." But, we will see that how one word can change a persons life forever.


17. JLMA Ch. 17

I couldn't sleep, no matter how hard I tried. No medication could overcome my feeling of being watched. Niall was fast asleep in bed, I opened the balcony door and sat on the fire escape, dangling my feet over the edge. I looked out over the view and looked back down at myself. I stand up and lean over the edge, breathing in slowly. I let tears fall one by one. All I wanted was to be happy, I wanted to be the perfect girlfriend
and be the perfect person. I wanted to be perfect and I couldn't achieve that. Not even for the guy I love. "I just want to be good enough for once." I whispered and wiped away another tear. I pressed my back against the wall and slid down slowly, pressing my knees into my chest. I heard the glass sliding door open but didn't turn my head to look at Niall. He silently sat down next to me and gazed out at the view. Without looking down he grabbed my hand and held it tight. We must've sat there in silence for 20 minutes until Niall broke the silence. "I'm leaving for promo in 3 days." "How long?" "1 month." "I love you." "I love you more." He said and faced towards me. His hand left mine own and slid down my leg to my thigh. I look down at his hand and then back up at him, soon closing the gap between my lips and his. I bit his lip and squeezed higher in my thigh. His tongue entered my mouth and his hands fiddled with the hem of my sweatpants. He pulled away before getting to aggressive. "Are you sure?" He asked looking into my eyes. "You love me right?" I asked. "More than anything." He said looking at my lips and then back into my eyes. "Then yes, I'm sure." He kissed me again and I stood up, not breaking the kiss. He opened the patio door as I walked backwards, him steering me to the bed room. He laid me down on the bed and and slid off my sweatpants, then I took off his shirt. I pulled off my own shirt as Niall kissed my neck and down to my belly button as he stripped me and himself of out remaining clothes. Niall made me feel safe. He was passionate and supportive, making sure I was ok and enjoying every second of it. Every once in a while him pressing his lips to my ear and whispering an "I love you" or "your beautiful." The morning after I woke up in Niall's arms. He kissed my cheek and drew letters on my stomach. "I don't want you to leave." I whispered kissing his knuckles. "A month will go by so quickly, I promise." "It better be." "It will." He said resting his chin on my shoulder and shutting his eyes once more.
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