Niall, Just Come Back for Me?

Isabella, an 18 year old girl has known Niall ever since they were kids, growing up together as neighbors and Friends. Once the kids hit high school every thing changes, Isabella forms feelings while Niall forms dreams. Niall leaves and all Isabella wants is for Niall to come back for her. But when he does, is that what she has really been wanting all of this time or was she not ready for all the pressure she receives.


7. Talk with Niall


Nialls POV

I walked into the last bedroom and sat down on the bed. I motioned Bella to sit next to me, she did. "Bell, we really need to talk about this?" She looked away annoyed,"There's nothing to talk about Niall," she said very mono toned. Bella got up to leave. "Stop! Stop avoiding everything Isabella Grace Humphrey, the world isn't about you, you have to stop getting mad at me! This is NOT my fault. I still love you, I always have you know that Bells." Again I saw that tear stream down her face,"You sure aren't acting like it." "Bella, can we just talk normally, like normal people without SCREAMING at each other?"

Isabella and I sat down and talked we talked for what seemed like hours! "Niall, I am sorry. I just, I really wanted to be with you. I cant thought, because of Caroline." I knew it, I knew I couldn't be with her because of that and it was all my fault. "I know. Bell, I am sorry. Maybe later." She looks so angry and annoyed at me because I knew what I was doing was wrong, I shouldn't have been with Caroline even if it was fake. "I am going to go get breakfast" she said and then she walked out. This left me time to do what I needed to do.


Isabellas POV

I walked out of the room only to see Harry sitting on the couch watching television. I say next to him silently. I still couldn't believe Niall would rather date that skank then me! What did she have that was so good, oh ya 'management.' "Bella, can I ask you something?""sure Harry." He looked nervous and I was nervous for what was about to happen. "Bell, do you want to go out on a date, tonight?" What? Wait. What?  I never expected to be dating the hot, suave guy from One Direction,  I only wanted Niall. This was wrong I had to say no. "Of course Harry!" He showed a look of relief on his face, but what was I doing, I had to say something. "Nothing fancy, how about a movie?" No, I thought I cant do this. "Yes!"  I said. What was I doing? This was my heart talking not my brain. Harry leaned in to kiss me. The sad thing was, this time I had no doubt in my mind that I didnt want to kiss him. I leaned in.

"Whats going on you guys?" I heard an Irish accent say.

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