Niall, Just Come Back for Me?

Isabella, an 18 year old girl has known Niall ever since they were kids, growing up together as neighbors and Friends. Once the kids hit high school every thing changes, Isabella forms feelings while Niall forms dreams. Niall leaves and all Isabella wants is for Niall to come back for her. But when he does, is that what she has really been wanting all of this time or was she not ready for all the pressure she receives.


2. How am I? Really?


 Isabella's POV

I sat on that couch for hours, what felt like days. I was tired, Niall hadn't called nor texted. All the hope I had felt a few hours ago fell through the ceiling. What was I thinking anyway? Niall had millions of girls chasing him, why would I even cross his mind? I checked my twitter, I kept refreshing and refreshing: @1DUpdates: " Niall and the boys hit Nialls hometown." Nothing that I already hadn't heard. I looked at my pathetic account 

Isabella Humphrey  

Followers- 9 Following 281 Tweets- 79 

It was pretty sad. Especially since the only people following me were follow backs and all my tweets looked like this: 

" Hey @NiallOfficial remember me?" 

He never responded obviously he had better things to do. I looked at the clock 10:45. What was taking them so long! Maura left at 6:00. Probably having a fun time... Without me. I decided I would get something to eat and then sleep here tonight. I grabbed some pasta from the fridge that looked a couple days old. I don't think Maura would mind me eating it. -Bing- MY PHONE! I ran to it looking like a track star, I picked it up: 

Maura- I am spending the night at a hotel tonight, fans are crazy! Make yourself at home. 

Gee, what a waste of energy. I stared at my phone the messages showed I had one unread message. It was a random number it read " Hey Bell, it's Niall I got your number thought I'd say hey" it was from 8:37! Why didn't I see it? Why didn't I respond? I was mad at myself why didn't I see it? Nevertheless I would respond "hey Niall long time no see, we should hang out tommorow?" I waited and waited what seemed like forever, then finally realized it was 1:00 in the morning, why would he respond now? I fell asleep and woke up and heard Maura making some breakfast. "Good morning Bella, decided to sleep here huh?" I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and looked at the clock. 10:12. "Yes m'am, thanks." She smirked. I was confused and gave her a look. "Niall is upstairs, unpacking the boys were told last night they are being given a month off to see family because they have been working for so long without a lot of breaks." What? I thought, all I heard was 'Niall is upstairs' and I was gone. "Niall?" I walked through the hallway. "Isabella, is that you?" I let out an 'eep' I could hear his Irish accent. I was a bit nervous though, what if he doesn't remember me? What if he thinks I am ugly? What if- I stopped myself and walked to the sound of his voice. I saw him sitting on his bed with a huge suitcase next to him. "Bell? Oh my gosh you look-" "I know I know, but don't judge me I just woke up." " Bella I was going to say amazing." I could feel myself blush. I looked at my feet to realize I was wearing short short pajama shorts and one of Nialls old oversized t-shirts. "I see you helped yourself to my shirts." I laughed. He patted the bed next to him and beckoned for me to sit down. "How have you been?" Gosh. How have I been?!?! He just left me here! What am I supposed to say? "Fine. How about you? is the band working out?" He looked a little annoyed, like he gets asked that question often. "How about we go to the park and hang out there?" He asked. "Sure, just let me change i'll meet you down stairs in a few." He nodded in agreement.

Nialls POV

It sure is amazing how gorgeous girls can get in just two years. Isabella looked stunning, even if she was just in an over-sized tshirt. I wonder if she has a boyfriend? Or if she even likes me like she used to? Well, I guess a few days will show. I decided to change out of my sweats and shirt and throw on something a bit warmer and nicer. I put on some jeans and a polo with a thick black jacket, I messed with my hair to make it look casual, I brushed my teeth, put on some sneakers, and I was ready to go. I grabbed my phone and walked downstairs not expecting Bella to be ready, girls do usually take a while. To my surprise she was talking to my mother. Damn, she looked gorgeous, she was wearing skinny jeans, boots, a nice shirt, and a leather jacket. How could I get so lucky? I am so glad I came back for her.

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