Niall, Just Come Back for Me?

Isabella, an 18 year old girl has known Niall ever since they were kids, growing up together as neighbors and Friends. Once the kids hit high school every thing changes, Isabella forms feelings while Niall forms dreams. Niall leaves and all Isabella wants is for Niall to come back for her. But when he does, is that what she has really been wanting all of this time or was she not ready for all the pressure she receives.


5. Dinner with the Boys



Bella's POV

Harry and I got out of the car and walked towards the restaurant when I hear "HARRY STYLES!" Harry looks back grabs my hand and runs into the restaurant. When we get into the restaurant Harry says "Table for 6." A lady wearing all black nods and walks away. All of the fan are taking pictures from outside the clear doors. I look down to see Harry and I's fingers intermingled. I look at Harry "leave it Bell, it will give them something to post on twitter." I smile and laugh. Finally, Niall and the others make their way through the crowd into the restaurant . Niall sees me and Harry holding hands and gets a disappointed look on his face, Harry drops my hand. We walk over to our table and Harry sits next to me on my right and Caroline on my left. "Hi, you must be Isabella! I'm Caroline!" She gives me a hug and a fake-Barbie smile. I smile back. "Hi, Caroline." Harry puts his hand on my leg under the table, it startles me and I jump shaking the table, everyone stares at me and Harry laughs. The dinner seems like forever, finally it ends, I had been pretty quite the whole time. "Let's go to my hotel room" Harry says. Everyone nods and we walk out. I run to Harry's car dodging the fans. "How was Caroline?" "Annoying, Harry how do you deal with her?" He just laughs and drove away. I sat quietly listening to Harry sing along with "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together." When we get there we run through even more fans. I even heard one yell "Get that slut away from my Harry!" Luckily no one really knows I am Isabella Humphrey from Nialls tweet yet. We get on an elevator and go to floor 36 the highest floor. Harry then looks at me smiles and scratches his upper leg. I looked away a bit nervous. Finally we get to floor 36 and jump off Harry runs down the hall so I follow we walk into his room an oh my gosh it's huge! "Harry! This is more of a house then a hotel room!" He smiles and laughs. I look around exploring the room in Harry's eye when Niall and the others come in. Everyone exchanges hellos again. "Truth or dare boys?" Caroline asks. I rolled my eyes I hate truth or dare. Everyone agreed and we sat down on the huge couch and chairs. Niall goes first. "Ok, Caroline. Truth or Dare?" "Truth" "do you love me?" "To the moon and back Niall!" Everyone sighed in boredom. A few rounds went by I had been an innocent bystander not had been chosen once. It was Caroline's turn. "Bella, truth or dare?" I had to think about it for a while. "Dare." She pondered for a minute and then an evil smile spread across her face "I dare you to go into that closet and" she pointed the closet behind her, "and make out with Harry for 5 minutes, we have to hear you." I blushed and looked at Harry who smiled, laughed and stood up offering me a hand I took it and we opened the huge closet as everyone laughed except Niall who burned with jealousy. We closed the closet and Harry leaned in I had no choice but to kiss him and he kissed back. "We can't hear you!" Caroline yelled. Harry stepped back and whispered 'what do we do?' 'I don't know' I said 'moan' he said with a smile. He then kissed me hard and stuck his tongue into my mouth, I let out a load pleasure moan. Everyone laughed. The five minutes went by fast. We walked out and the game had ended everyone stared at us. I looked at the clock. It was 11:57. "I'm going to go home, Niall" Caroline said and walked out. Everyone let out a sigh of relief. After she left Harry said "I have extra rooms you guys can sleep here." Everyone giggled. I got into a bedroom closed the door and took off my dress, I guess I'll sleep in a bra and underwear tonight, I thought. I fell asleep at around 1:00 someone walked in. "Mind if I sleep with you, there isn't any more room?" I turned on the light it was Louis.

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