Niall, Just Come Back for Me?

Isabella, an 18 year old girl has known Niall ever since they were kids, growing up together as neighbors and Friends. Once the kids hit high school every thing changes, Isabella forms feelings while Niall forms dreams. Niall leaves and all Isabella wants is for Niall to come back for her. But when he does, is that what she has really been wanting all of this time or was she not ready for all the pressure she receives.


4. Caroline Flack


Nialls POV

"Niall? Niall? Answer me! What's wrong?" "Bell, it's the tweet management got mad because I am supposed to be 'dating' Caroline." She looked puzzled, like she didn't know who the heck I was talking about. She obviously was not a fan. "Caroline who?" "Caroline Flack." Now, she looked sad, like the time in the park a tear streamed down her beautiful face. I wiped the year off, "Bella, I am just fake dating her, you matter so much more. Caroline doesn't mean anything." She smiled a slight smile. "Now, how about we go out to dinner with Louis, Liam, and Harry? Zayn is sick so he won't be attending." She nodded and left to go change.

Bella's POV

Now even if I wanted to I couldn't date Niall because of stupid management. It was only 4:00 and we weren't leaving until 6:30 so I had some time to kill. I walked over to my house, like usual my parents were on a business trip. I jumped onto the couch and checked twitter. @NiallOfficial: 

"Love you Caroline @carolineflack1 have a good day baby" 

I had a mix of anger and sadness. Although it was fake it seemed so real. I thought I might as well get ready if I want to look good for dinner. I showered, curled my hair, and got dressed. I wore a black dress with black heels. It was 6:15 so I made my way to Nialls house. He was lounged on the couch in a sports coat surrounded by three other boys and they all looked pretty good looking. Niall looked at me and smiled and I smiled a seductive smile. "Are you guys ready to go?" Three extremely gorgeous faces looked back at me. Wow.

Nialls POV

Her eyes shifted off of me to the right of the room, I turned around to see Harry smiling back at her. Damn it. "Ya Bell I'm ready to go." "Um Niall, would you introduce me to your friends" she asked. "Uh sure, Harry,Louis, and Liam." "Hey I'm Harry, and I am ready to go so should we pick Caroline up?" Bella gave me a 'Caroline Flack is coming' look. I nodded. I got into my car with Louis and Liam. Unfortunately Bell went with Harry. This day has gone from bad to good. I never should have let Caroline come.

Isabella's POV

"Hey, want to come with me?" Harry asked. "Sure, your name is Harry right?" "Ya and yours is...?" "Isabella, Bella for short." He nodded and smiled at me, I felt a little uncomfortable driving with a guy I had never met. I got into his white Cadillac and we drove away. "Are we picking up Caroline?" "No," he said "Niall is." I nodded and turned on the radio, Harry turned it off and I gave him a confused look. "Let's just talk Bell" only Niall has ever called me that. He smiled "so you are American? Yet you live in Ireland." "Yes sir, I was born in New York but we moved here when I was very young." He laughed "What? Don't laugh at me Harry." "Sorry Bell, but you don't have to call me sir." I blushed and looked out the window. For some reason I am attracted to Harry I don't know why though, is it his attitude? His look? His voice? Or because he isn't dating Caroline? We arrived at a restaurant called 'Oscars' it looked very expensive. Harry drove away from the restaurant, " what are you doing Harry?!" He smiled at me a very seductive smile "waiting for the boys in a fan free zone, Bell." He drove into an alley and parked. He turned off the engine and looked at me. "So, what have you and Niall been-" I cut him off "Who is Caroline Flack?" He looked a bit scared and looked out the window "Well, to explain it in one compound word a gold-digger." I laughed "How?" "She dated me before, her company set it up and they are giving Niall loads of money for the publicity Caroline is getting." I knew it, I knew Niall wasn't just listening to 'management' "Bell, don't worry about it! Just have a good time tonight." He leaned in and I thought he was going to kiss me and I backed away, but he gave me a hug. He laughed "I'm not that much of a player." He grabbed my phone "Harry what are you-" he went to contacts and typed in his number and texted himself to get the number. "Let's go Bell." I hope this night is fun and drama free. "Remember Bell, let loose and have fun

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