Niall, Just Come Back for Me?

Isabella, an 18 year old girl has known Niall ever since they were kids, growing up together as neighbors and Friends. Once the kids hit high school every thing changes, Isabella forms feelings while Niall forms dreams. Niall leaves and all Isabella wants is for Niall to come back for her. But when he does, is that what she has really been wanting all of this time or was she not ready for all the pressure she receives.


1. Come Back For Me?


Isabella's POV

Yeah, Sure now that Niall Horan is popular everyone knows him, but what about way back when he was just 12? I don't think so. It all started when I was too young to remember Niall and I had been next door neighbors since we were kids! I would always force Niall to have tea party's with me and dress ups, I would dare him to kiss me, he never would though. I miss those days. I remember when we got older and we went to high school together, he was the only boy I knew! That all changed. Niall would always song in front of me, I was the one who begged him to try out for the X-factor, and sure he became famous from it but I hate myself everyday for letting him leave me. He was the only boy I ever had feelings for. Ever. Niall said he would come back for me once he won and he would take me and my mum on vacation. He never did. Did he forget? Will he come back for me? I think about it everyday it's one of those few things that never leaves my mind. Somedays it's just Niall,Niall,Niall!

Today was one of those days. It was a cold, wintery afternoon here in Mullingar, I walker over to Maura's house (I haven't called it Nialls house in two years, since he left) "Hello, Maura! Are you home?" No answer. I thought I would just sit down and drink some tea, I had a key to their house and they allowed me to come over when ever I pleased. "Sorry hun, I was taking a quick shower. Nialls coming home tonight with the boys we are going out to dinner." "What? Maura, can I come please it's just I haven't seen him in-" She had a sad look on her face, like a sympathy look no one likes to get. "I am really sorry Bella, it's family only. I'll see if Niall can come back and say hello to you tomorrow they are staying for a week!" I felt shock, I was so angry that I couldn't go to dinner, but a whole week of NIALL! I was about to scream. "Ok, thanks Maura tell me how it goes and tell Niall to text me. Do you have my number?" I wrote it down on a slip of paper and gave it to her. "Thanks Bell, now I really have to go I don't want to be late for dinner." " I understand, thanks again. Have fun!" 

I sat down and heard the door slam behind her. I picked up my iPhone and put it next to me and turned on the television to some random program I had never seen. I didn't care I was staring at my phone. Waiting. Niall please come back for me?



Authors Note!!! 

Thanks so much for reading sorry it's kind of short but please PLEASE PLEASE leave comments!

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