I Tried To Tell You I Love You

I tried to tell you I love you it was not hard to say. I had to find you alone so I could show you how I feel.


1. I Tried To Tell You I Loved You

It was not hard to say I love you

I did not find it hard to say


I'm thinking of you all the time

You are the only one on my mind


I have never hid my face

I have learned to laugh and not to cry put yourself in my place


I have kissed you so many times

You wanted me to hold you


I did and never let you go

Im afraid that I am the woman


You have searched for all these years

I will not leave so don't cry


Hold your tears

I have not seen you for awhile


When I think of you, I have a desire

That brings me your smile


I remember when I held you then and

Told you we' would never part


I loved you then, I love you now and

I'll hold you in my heart, Forever more

Until the day we leave this world

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