If There's One Thing I Wish...

Rachel Payne has just graduated high school, and her parents have a big surprise for her graduating. She's related to One Direction's Liam Payne and she's going to stay with him in London over the summer. She will take her friend and they will go on an adventure, filled with romance and drama. Thing is that Liam told all of the boys that they couldn't date her... And her ex-boyfriend is trying to win her back. And she thought this summer was going to be relaxing.


4. The Choice

Rachel’s POV

We drove Louis to the hospital and I cried over him the whole time.

Lord, please protect Louis. He really needs you. Save him. Let Louis live. I love him. Amen.

I prayed that he would be fine. By the time we got there, Louis still hadn’t gained consciousness. They took him in and I cried. Xavier came up to me and apologized.

“I’m sorry! I was mad. I didn’t want to hurt you-“

“You have. And I know you didn’t mean to. You’re forgiven,” I told him.

I hugged him. The warmth of his body comforted me.

“You may see Mr. Tomlinson now,” the nurse declared.

I ran to the room where Louis lied and slipped my fingers through his.

“Ma’am. I’m afraid that Mr. Tomlinson hasn’t woken from his slumber. He has broken his nose. Other than that, he’s fine.”

“Wake up, Boobear. Wake up. I’m here. I love you. Wake up,” I whispered in his ear.

Liam walked in and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“He hasn’t woken up, love?” He asked.

“No. I’m worried, Liam.”

“Don’t. But remember, when he wakes up, you can’t date him.”

What? I thought. Had he already discussed this with the boys? Was neither of the boys who kissed me, supposed to lay their hands on me? I didn’t want that. I needed to be in someone’s arms this summer, and I wanted it to be Louis’

Liam’s POV

We waited for Lou to awaken all day. Rachel never left the bedside. I had to bring her food when she got hungry because she wouldn’t leave his side. She wanted to see him when he awoke.

It hurt me to see her sitting there, holding Lou’s hand, waiting for him to wake up. I knew she liked him and he liked her back, but I don’t want her to get hurt.

Rachel’s POV

His fingers twitched. Then his legs. Then his eyes flew open.

“Liam! He’s awake!” I cheered.

 The lads came in and surrounded Lou and me.

“Rachel?” was the first word out of my Boobear’s mouth.

“Louis!!” I cried, giving him the biggest hug ever.

“What happened? All I remember was kissing you, and then blacking out.”

“Xavier punched the day lights out of you and broke your nose,” I replied, and Louis started to get mad.

“Don’t be mad, Lou. He apologized. He can’t handle heartbreak as well as most can. He didn’t know what to do, Boobear. He needs me.”

Xavier walked in. The boys made a path for Xavier. Xavier was crying.

“I’m sorry dude. I don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me,” Xavier pleaded.

Louis’ POV

He beat me. Why should I forgive him? Rachel forgave him. That’s why I should. And plus, it’s the right thing to do.

“I forgive you,” I declared.


The nurses released me from the hospital immediately. I changed into my clothes and I left with the lads. And Rachel.

Rachel’s POV

Liam sat in between me and Lou. It was torture. He wouldn’t let us look at each other. Why oh why?

We got home and Catherine ran up to me.

“You kissed two of the members of One Direction in ONE DAY!!!”

My eyes almost popped out of my head because Catherine was hugging me so tight. I noticed the telly was on.

“Harry’s mystery girl’s identity has been confirmed. Her name is Rachel Payne, and happens to be Liam Payne’s cousin.”

They showed a picture from my high school yearbook. How the heck did they get that?

“She didn’t just kiss Harry. We have footage from the hotel of Rachel and Louis kissing in a hotel room, in which she had been entrapped.”

They showed a video from someone’s phone of us lip-locked. I looked like I was enjoying myself. So did Lou. We probably wouldn’t be able to ever do it again though. Not with Liam around.

Liam had already looked mad before, but now he looked as if his eyes were on fire. He didn’t know Harry AND Louis had snogged me. He looked as if he was going to break Harry’s nose and RE-break Louis’ nose.

“I better not see ANY more kissing this summer!” Liam declared.

Then I thought of Xavier. Xavier and Louis. I’ve made my final decision. I wanted Louis.

Louis William Tomlinson.

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