If There's One Thing I Wish...

Rachel Payne has just graduated high school, and her parents have a big surprise for her graduating. She's related to One Direction's Liam Payne and she's going to stay with him in London over the summer. She will take her friend and they will go on an adventure, filled with romance and drama. Thing is that Liam told all of the boys that they couldn't date her... And her ex-boyfriend is trying to win her back. And she thought this summer was going to be relaxing.


8. Epilogue

A few months later…

Louis’ POV

She walked down the aisle, dressed in a glowing white dress, with a striped T-shirt over the top. I laughed. I loved it.

She handed her flowers to Catherine and placed her petite hands in mine. The ceremony went by fast. All I remember was saying our vows and, “I do.”

And the kiss. Oh, the kiss was magical. More magical than ever before. It was true love’s kiss.

I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and said the most important words you can ever tell your wife.

“I love you.”

My POV :)

And they all lived happily ever after!!! (They had twins; a boy named Jason and a girl named Bella. They both grew up, became famous and lived happily ever after and so on (: )

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