If There's One Thing I Wish...

Rachel Payne has just graduated high school, and her parents have a big surprise for her graduating. She's related to One Direction's Liam Payne and she's going to stay with him in London over the summer. She will take her friend and they will go on an adventure, filled with romance and drama. Thing is that Liam told all of the boys that they couldn't date her... And her ex-boyfriend is trying to win her back. And she thought this summer was going to be relaxing.


1. Clueless

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I slammed my fist onto the alarm clock and tried to pry open my eyes. The last day of school. Next Fall, I’d be in college, not just any college. Julliard. I dragged myself to my closet and found a t-shirt and jeans to wear. I practically fell down the stairs to go get breakfast. My mum was fixing a full out eggs, bacon, sausage, and pancake breakfast. My eyes suddenly adjusted as a whiff of yumminess surged through my nostrils. I sped to the table, sat down, and began to devour the deliciousness.

“I made this for a special occasion,” my mum implied.

“My last day of school?” I asked, with a bucket-load of food in my mouth.

“Your last day of school is only the just of it. We have an early surprise college present. You’re going to L-O-V-E love it!!!”

I finished the plate of food, then grabbed a sharpie and my yearbook. No way was I not getting signatures. I then ran out the door, brushing my hair with my fingers and running to the bus stop. I threw my hair into a bun with a ponytail, which I had wrapped around my wrist.

I sat down behind the driver in my typical spot. Catherine, my best friend, plopped down beside me and said, “Congrats on your college!!! I heard you were accepted into Julliard!”

“Yeah. I made it! I’m going to study acting. I’m so excited!!!”

“Want me to sign that?” she asked, pointing at my yearbook, which I had almost forgotten was sitting upon my lap.

“Oh yeah. Go ahead, love.” I replied, handing the sharpie and yearbook to Catherine.

I thought about everything I wouldn’t have to worry about from now on. Xavier mostly. Xavier was my ex-boyfriend. I went to prom with him, and then I told him I couldn’t take him anymore. I liked him, and he was cute, but he was more of a brother than anything. I would forget about him and relax. This summer I was going to relax. Or, so I thought.

RING! The dismissal bell rang. Already? I thought. Catherine hooked arms with me and then Xavier passed. I ignored him. I didn’t want to think another thought about that boy.

I got on my bus with Catherine and we rode home in silence. I was thinking. How would I relax? Would mum take me to a spa for a little stress relief? Would I get to swim every day and chill in a Jacuzzi?

“We’re at your stop, Rachel,” she proclaimed, smiling.

I grabbed my yearbook, jumped out of the bus, and slowly treaded home. I dragged out the walk as much as I could, for no reason whatsoever.

I reached for the doorknob when my mum opened it as if she already knew I was there. I jumped like a kangaroo, dropping my yearbook on the ground.

“You’re home!!! And have we got a surprise for you!!!”

I picked up my yearbook and walked inside. Something weird was going on…

“Have a seat, love,” my dad said, pointing towards the couch.

“What’s going on?” I ask, confused.

“You’re going to London for the summer!!!” my mum blurted.

I stopped. Did Mum just say what I think she just said? London. London, England. Where I was raised until I was 5. Where I had gained my British accent.

“London? How is that even possible?” I questioned.

“You’ve got a cousin over in that area. I’m pretty sure you know him. His name is Liam…”

Liam. Could it possibly ring a bell in my mind. Hmm…wait—Liam Payne of ONE DIRECTION?!? I don’t believe this!!! I’m freaking related to a member of ONE DIRECTION?!? Catherine’s going to murder me when she finds out.

“And you get to go with Catherine!!! By the way, you might want to call her. You’re leaving tomorrow morning,” she announced, smiling.

I snatched my phone out of my pocket and called immediately. I was actually going to my home town!!! For the first time in TWELVE years!!!

“Hello?” she asked.

“Oh my gosh!!! You’re not going to believe this!!!” I blurted, for I was all hyped up.

“What?!? What am I not able to believe?!?” she asked, as her voice began to increase speed, as it always did when she was excited.

“You and I are going to London to stay with MY COUSIN Liam Payne!!!!!!!!!”

At that moment, I removed my phone away from my ear and heard her scream echoing throughout my house. When she finally stopped, I gently and slowly brought the phone back up to my ear.

“You’re related to LIAM PAYNE?!?” she began, but calmly finished, “That’s cool. When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning. So you better get packing and head on over here.”

“Already ahead of you! Gotta go! We ARE staying for the WHOLE summer, right?”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll fancy that, right?”

“Oh yes I will! Tell your mom I love her!”

“Of course, love,” I said, hanging up.

I tossed my phone on the couch and ran to my room to pack my stuff. I threw practically everything I owned into that suitcase. I was so ready for this summer. I grabbed myself a carry-on bag, putting my iPad, a notebook, my favorite book, a mechanical pencil, my iPod touch, and my iPhone inside. I was ready to go.

About an hour later, I heard the doorbell. I knew exactly who it was. Catherine. When I opened the door she had a HUGE suitcase and a carry-on bag, COMPLETELY full of magazines about One Direction.

“I’m here and ready to go to London with you!” she said, struggling with her bags.

She set them near the couch and then ran to where my mum had prepared some yummy treats for us. There was fresh popcorn, chocolate, candy, and a little Dessert Delights gum. She grabbed a handful of popcorn and then ran to my movie collection. She pulled out my absolute favorite movie of all time. The Hunger Games.

We sat on the couch eating popcorn, candy, and chocolates while we watched the ultimate movie EVER!!!! I must’ve fallen asleep during the movie, because next thing I knew, I was being woken up by Mum to go to the airport.

I went to my room, grabbed my suitcase, carry-on, and then we left. My mum picked us up some food on the way there. I brushed my hair and changed my clothes in the car. I had red pants and a navy blu and white striped shirt with lace on the back.

I don’t remember getting on the plane or the ride to London. All I remember is arriving and being flabbergasted by the amazing view from the airport. We caught a taxi and rode to Liam’s place. It was quite big for only him.

We took our stuff and walked towards the humongous place and rang the doorbell. Liam answered.

“I’m sorry. Fans aren’t allowed around here—wait—are you my cousin Rachel?”

“Yeah. And my best mate Catherine, but you can call her Cat,” I replied.

“Come in! I forgot you were coming, so I might have some guests…” he declared.

Cat was already freaking out. I could tell. She was starting to hyperventilate.  Her mouth dropped to the floor when she saw who Liam’s guests were. It was all of the boys from One Direction. Every one of them stopped what they were doing when we walked in. AWKWARD…

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